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By: Vineyard Christian Fellowship Of Greater Boston  06-Dec-2011

What is prayer ministry?

Many times a talk will spark a response or a questions for which you would like some feedback. Or you may simply come in to a church gathering with a burden, and want to let somebody know and carry your concern with you to God.

We would love to pray with you because we have seen God bring real help and change in our lives through the prayers of others, and in the lives of others through us.

Here are some common prayer requests for which we frequently see God provide immediate guidance and intervention: relational difficulties, significant decisions, direction, physical sickness, personal loss and family conflicts.

Where can I receive prayer ministry?

Members of the Prayer Ministry Team are available at every church gathering to pray with you for your personal concerns. We are trained and supervised by the pastoral staff and experienced laypersons, and treat all personal details as confidential.

We also offer these further opportunities to have trained people pray for a variety of needs in a safe setting:

Greater Boston Healing Rooms

Listening Prayer

Every one of us needs to have our minds renewed, whether we have suffered from severe traumas or not—and we all need to experience the love of Jesus on the deepest level possible.  While we may try, we soon discover that our own best efforts cannot release us from the things that cause us pain.  Only God Himself can make it possible for us to reflect His character and life.  With Listening Prayer, you will discover that while life’s hurts and wounds run deep, the healing powers of God run far deeper.

Prayer for healing of emotional hurts is available to Small Group members on the first Thursday evening of each month.

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