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By: Vine Gas  05-Apr-2012




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RARE VINTAGE: Grove Mill, which is owned by the New Zealand Wine Company, has adapted an old technique called gasification to convert the cuttings into producer gas..

Marlborough Biodiesel User Group co-ordinator Kevin Parker, of Blenheim, said that by October, the wine, aquaculture and transport industry operators who had signed up should be filling vehicles with biodiesel. Fourteen Marlborough companies have joined forces to buy 2.5 million litres of biodiesel..

Marlborough consortium co-ordinator Kevin Parker of Vine Gas said advantages included sustainability certification and branding, resilience to fluctuating oil and carbon prices, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and Emissions Trading Scheme deductions..

FRESH THINKING: Peter Yealands, of Yealands Estate, has found another use for vine prunings at his Seddon winery..

Kevin Parker, of Blenheim company Vine Gas Ltd, has invented an engine with an inbuilt distillation column which produces and is fuelled by ethanol made from winemaking waste..