By: Vidimon  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Video, Camera

VidimonĀ® Video Analysis Solutions

Vidimon solutions use advanced technology in the form of video camera, high-speed digital image processing and control logic to detect vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists or incidents.

Detection zones are superimposed onto the video image of the intersection, highway or tunnel; counters, cameras or traffic controllers are triggered by detections in these zones.

Detection zone (or virtual loop) locations can be specified and used to detect traffic in multiple lanes in the camera field of view. Since the detection zones exist only in the monitor and not in the pavement they can easily be moved or adjusted following initial placement. This flexible, non-invasive approach provides significant advantages in terms of usability, ease of set-up, re-configuration and cost of operation.


  • Detection Camera
    • - Installed on an extension arm above traffic signals or on any suitable structure giving a clear view of the areas to be monitored.
  • Outputs
    • - 4 opto-isolated solid state relay outputs per processor
    • - Multiple detection zones can be assigned to an output
  • Processor
    • - Installed in the traffic controller cabinet or integrated into the camera housing
  • Communications
    • - Wired or wireless transmission of video or detection signals over TCP/IP network


Vidimon staff will work with Traffic and Enforcement professionals to deliver special solutions for those awkward sites where traditional methods are unreliable and less than cost-effective.

The company specializes in innovative turnkey solutions using data communications for remote configuration and monitoring capability and solar/battery power technology when mains power is not readily available.

  • Different detection technologies may be integrated with the VidimonĀ® systems to create robust overall solutions.
  • The technology is especially useful in road tunnels.

Keywords: Camera, Video