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By: Vibrance  06-Dec-2011
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Nicole is one of Southland’s most advanced and experienced Nail Technicians. Clients travel regularly from Invercargill, Queenstown and Dunedin to have their nails maintained.

“I hear all too often from people sick of the “hassles” of looking after acrylics, the constant lifting, breakages, Band-Aids to stop them catching in hair etc…. I am so confident that you will love your new nails and experience none of the usual hassles, that all acrylic work done by me (Nicole), whether a full set, backfill or repair, comes with a 7 day replacement guarantee from any unreasonable breaking or lifting. ”

No matter how bitten, haggard or deformed your natural nails are, acrylic enhancements can turn them into the nails you always dreamed of. You choose the length and colour then sit back and relax as Nicole works magic on your hands.

Acrylics are a permanent enhancement and grow out with your natural nails. Therefore it is necessary to have a backfill every 2-3 weeks to fill in the new nail growth near the cuticle and to repair any signs of wear and tear.

Nail Enhancement Menu

  • Standard Acrylics: $92
    A natural colour acrylic is sculptured onto the lengthened nail and finished with nail polish of your choice.
  • Standard Backfill: $61.50 Any lifting or damage acrylic is fixed and fresh acrylic applied to new nail growth. Acrylics look brand new again.
    Replacement extensions during a backfill are $4.60 per replacement. 
  • French Tips: $102
    A white acrylic is applied on the nail tip extension and standard colored acrylic to the rest of the nail to give a permanent French Manicure that requires no painting.
  • French backfill:$71.50
    The French (white) tip grows down with the natural nail and looks unbalanced after a while.  Old Acrylic is removed then reapplied in the original position.
    Replacement extensions during a French backfill are $5.60 per replacement.
  • Individual Nail Repair/replace (French or standard): $15.50 per nail
  • Tidy and polish: $36
    In between backfills slight fraying may occur around the edges (which could lead to lifting if left too long) or you may simply want to change the colour of your polish. A simple tidy and polish can give you an extra week in between backfills.
  • Removal: $46
    Acrylics are removed and natural nails (which will be quite soft) given an express manicure.
  • Cosmetic Nails: $60
    Perfect for a special occasion where instant length is needed for a one off occasion. Plastic full-cover tips are fitted exactly to the shape of your cuticle area, cut to desired length, shaped and painted. They look very natural and last around 1-2 weeks. Includes cuticle conditioner and moisturizer.
  • Cosmetic Nails Backfill: $45
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    Keywords: Acrylics, Natural Nails, Polish

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