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By: Verso Solutions  05-Apr-2012
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Serio’s unique “action” feature allows you to take a single action and accomplish a number of different things in this single move.  For example one Serio action could:

  • Flag a callback as taken
  • Book a new callback to the customer
  • Change the status of the incident to (for example) “waiting customer”
  • Stop the SLA Clock

This is just an example of a typical Serio Action – YOU decide what your actions should do.

New in Serio Release 5 our Request Fulfilment Management module allows you to separate your service requests from your incidents, applying different SLAs and separating reporting.

Apply checklists to your requests allowing you to ensure that all required steps are carried out before a job is closed - think of this as Change Management-"lite".

This module supports the ITIL® V3 Request Fulfilment process.

Imagine that your ISP has a major failure at 9am - you can bet that within a minute or two you will get a call from a customer complaining that they cannot access the internet.  You log this call, but realise that you will be getting many more identical calls until this issue is resolved by your ISP.

Serio can help you deal with this in two ways:

  • Publicise the outage on your Service Status page in SerioWeb, updating the status here during the life of the incident will keep your customers informed, and decrease the number of calls you get.
  • Use a Serio Alert to create a template call for this incident - every time another customer calls to report the faults you can simply select the customer details and the appropriate Serio Alert and save the call - all calls related to the outage will be linked together allowing you to take actions, and close the incidents when resolved in one action, notifying all customers at the same time.

When you have tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis, Serio can log you a job each time it is due.

For example if you are responsible for changing backup tapes each day at 4pm, Serio is able to log you a job at 4pm each day to remind you to do this. While you may never forget to do this, logging the job automatically can achieve two very important things:

  • Record everything that agents actually do during a day - this helps with management reporting and can help in justifying the need for new staff, all these routine tasks can add up to several hours over a month.
  • When a member of your team is going to be away for a period of time, Serio allows you to divert their calls to another agent, this would mean that these routine tasks would automatically be reassigned, ensuring that important daily jobs are not overlooked in someone’s absence.

Events can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or on a one-off basis.

Keep your customers informed using SerioWeb Service Status pages.

To give more details of current issues you are able to publish specific incidents as “Service Status Incidents” updating them as the situation develops, keeping all your customers informed and limiting the number of phone calls you will get looking for updates while you are busy solving a major issue.

The Serio Service Explorer takes all the information you have about the calls in your system and presents it to you in a collapsible tree format.

  • You are able to display incidents, Service requests, problems and changes either separately or in a single chapter.
  • You could look at all the incidents, open or closed, for a particular piece of equipment, all in one easy to manage list.
  • Look at the checklists associated with a request, or the extended data that has been entered against a call.

Every bit of information you could want is available in the Service Explorer chapter.

Getting to the information you need is Serio is as simple as turning a page in a book.

Serio information is organised in chapters - we do not present you with a lot of floating windows to deal with. Each chapter will have one or two pages for you to view. 

When you have finished you simply turn the page back again, or close the chapter.  You can have multiple chapters open at the same time, simply navigate between these using our simple chapter organiser.  For example you may have a chapter open showing you all the critical calls assigned to your team, another one showing you your tasks related to current changes and another with all your current incidents.

Our extended data feature is new in Release 5. 

This system allows you to attach additional data fields to any type of ticket.  There is no limit to the number of extended data fields you can attach to your tickets. These fields can take the form of strings, checkboxes, drop down lists and so on and you can default the data into these fields if you want.

These fields are very easy to set up and use.  The information from them is available in the information panel in SerioClient and in the Service Explorer view.

When you need to be there but can’t you can use the Serio Remote Desktop tool to take control of your customer’s desktop and resolve issues quickly. 

Make configuration changes without having to go into detailed explanations and get your customers back to work in the quickest possible time.

You can also use the Serio Remote Desktop unattended version to take control of Servers without having to head to the server room.  This gives you full control of the server console allowing you to quickly resolve issues without leaving your desk.

The Serio Workstation explorer allows you to get a live picture of the current status of a workstation or server. 

Check the current version of any software installed on the machine, check the memory usage and running processes.  See who the current logged on user is, see the operating system and patch version.

This information is gathered by the Serio Inventory agent, an optional add-on in the Serio HelpDesk and ServiceDesk systems.  The information is also collected into a network snapshot which allows you to reconcile your software installations against your current licensing status. 

The Inventory agent also allows you to populate your CMDB with the current information about the items on your network.

Keywords: Help Desk Software, Helpdesk Software, Live Chat Software, Service Desk, Service Desk Software,

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