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By: Versaform  06-Dec-2011
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With the VersaForm as a Service (VFAS), you receive a complete system for installation in your own computer, on your own premises, but you pay only a low monthly service fee.

What is included?

VFAS can include VersaForm Practice Management with Scheduler and Electronic Claims, VersaForm EHR, or both. Technical support is included, by telephone or over the Internet. All upgrades are included, too. There is no set up fee, and nothing else to pay.

Optional features available for purchase include ERA Processing, Lab Downloads, and E-Prescribing.

Fees are based on the number of workstations. If ten people will use the service, but no more than five at any one time, you pay only for five. Your initial payment covers the first two months, and billing is monthly thereafter, by credit card only.

Not web-based, it offers all the benefits without the drawbacks.

Pay As You Go

VersaForm costs as little as $125/month. This covers everything--your software, upgrades and unlimited support. You’re not locked in, and you can cancel anytime, without penalty.


HIPAA requires that you carefully protect patient data from unauthorized access. With VersaForm your data is safe in your own office, and all access is under your own control.

The Data Is Your Own

In VersaForm, the data is absolutely yours. It’s safe in your Microsoft SQL Server Database, one of the world’s most popular and reliable. Your data is in your own possession, and you can be sure you have it.


With Web-based software, you’re dependent on your Internet connection. With VersaForm, you’re running on your own computer, and you’re not vulnerable to cable failure or any one of the thousands of problems that can occur on the Internet.


Web software depends on the speed of your Internet connection, and you share a computer with many others. With VersaForm, you use the full power of your own computer and you aren’t delayed by anyone else.

Support Like We're On-Site

Our tech support staff can use the Internet to see exactly what you're seeing. They can even teach a new employee how to use the system. It’s the best and fastest way to get support.

Terms and Conditions

A major credit card with an expiration date of at least one year from application date must be used to guarantee monthly billing. If a monthly billing attempt on your credit card yields a decline, you will be contacted to obtain an alternative credit card for payment. If a monthly payment balance remains unresolved for 30 days, system operation may be restricted until the issue is resolved. In the event that your service is terminated by either party, operation will continue for no more than 30 days. You can cancel any time. If you cancel the service, a request on company letterhead signed by the primary contact will be required, as will immediate payment of any unpaid balance on your account. At all times, you are the sole owner of your data. If you cancel or the service is otherwise terminated, the database remains accessable and in your custody. VFAS is a non-refundable service. No refunds will be issued for the Initial Fee, Monthly fees or any Enhancement(s). Upon receipt of request for cancellation in writing from purchaser, monthly charges will be immediately cancelled.

We guarantee that fees won't be raised for a full year after you initiate service.

Additional Fees are as Follows:

E-Rx: Electronic Prescribing with Drug/Drug & Drug/Allergy Interaction Checking: $39 per provider.

E-Labs: Electronic Lab Results are automatically imported. $15 first workstation, then $10. An installation fee applies.

ERA: Electronic Remittance Advice (EOB) is automatically processed. $25 first workstation, then $10.

Telephone Reminder Service: Please request a quote.

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Keywords: Practice Management, Sql Server

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