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By: Versaform  06-Dec-2011
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Comprehensive review of a patient's electronic health record

The EEF automates sharing of clinical and billing information between the EHR and Practice Management (PM) applications. Billing information is transferred automatically from the progress note to the medical billing system.

Significant cost savings

Costs for transcription and duplication can be greatly reduced if not eliminated using VersaForm EHR software. Your staff will spend less time pulling charts and searching for misplaced health records. Your improved capture of charges will lead to increased reimbursement.

Better documentation of patient encounters

Whenever you look at your patients' health records, all the patient's visits are presented chronologically. Notes on each encounter are immediately available, well organized and legible and all the patient's data can be quickly printed.

Accurate Evaluation & Management coding and compliance - no defensive undercoding

Our Evaluation & Management Wizard ensures that you code appropriately and are properly compensated for each and every encounter.

VersaForm EHR utilizes templates that are extremely powerful and highly customizable. You can quickly and easily create new templates or modify any of the templates that come with the system. Your templates can even include the appropriate medications, labs, and CPT/ICD coding. Do not be misled by claims that templates force you to create generic notes.

VersaForm EHR uses information from industry leader FirstDataBank to check medical prescriptions for possible interactions with other drugs or patient allergies over the Internet—before the prescription is written.

Works with Other Medical Practice Management Systems

Though VersaForm EHR is both an electronic health records and a practice management system, it can live happily with other systems. Because VersaForm EHR uses Microsoft SQL Server, the database is completely open and industry-standard reporting tools can be used to export data to other systems.

Remotely Accessible

We've designed VersaForm EHR so that you can access your patient records and medical encounters remotely and securely not via the Web but instead through a Virtual Private Network or using Remote Access software.

Keywords: Electronic Health Record, Medical Billing, Medical Practice, Medical Practice Management, Medications, Practice Management, Reporting Tools

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VersaForm Medical Software as a Service including Obstetrics and Gynecology : Obgyn EHROB : GYN Certification

With the VersaForm as a Service , you receive a complete system for installation in your own computer, on your own premises, but you pay only a low monthly service fee. If you cancel the service, a request on company letterhead signed by the primary contact will be required, as will immediate payment of any unpaid balance on your account.


Medical Practice Management Software : OB GYN Software : VersaForm.com

Because VersaForm Practice Management uses Microsoft SQL Server, the database is completely open and industry-standard reporting tools can be used to create custom reports and forms. Using VersaForm Practice Management, your office will enter treatments and fees, print statements, superbills and insurance claims faster than ever before.


EHR (EMR) and Practice Management including OB GYN EHR : OB GYN EMR Software : OB GYN Medical Software : VersaForm.com

VersaForm's suite of medical software provides a comprehensive clinical solution for any practice combining clinical patient records with labs, data, prescription writing and much more. The VersaForm medical software solution is built around a patient-centered computing model. EHR Standard Edition — Our EHR Standard Edition now includes a full patient scheduler.


VersaForm Patient Registry including OB GYN Practice Management : OB GYN EMR Software

If you already participate in PQRI and other Pay-4-Performance plans, or if there are other incentive plans or grants that apply in your area, let us show you how to ensure that you meet the qualifications. If you are thinking of applying for a grant from HRSA, the VersaForm Patient Registry can help you to improve patient health outcomes through enhanced chronic disease management.


System Requirements for Medical Software including Obstetrics EMR : Obgyn EMR : VersaForm.com

Windows Server is required if a separately licensed SQL Server is installed. Flash drive, tape, removable hard disk, or other suitable backup. Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista, or Windows 7. Scanners must support Microsoft WIA Automation. VersaForm Single Computer or Workstation.