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By: Venus Clubs  06-Dec-2011

I’m not quite sure where the year has gone to. It feels like Christmas and the summer holidays should not be upon us so soon. However this is a good time to reflect and refocus for the remainder of the year. Take the time before your next meeting to put some goals and targets down so that you finish your year strong.

At your meeting share your  3-7  top goals for the next 12 weeks.

Your members can support you in achieving these goals and it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable, by sharing these with your group.

In January this year we sent out a One Page Growth Plan which is an excellent way to, in one page, have clarity about where you are growing your business. We suggest each quarter to re look at this plan and refocus on the next three months creating new targets.

We have included this One Page Growth Plan here for you to use. We’ve explained the different sections and provided a template to print out. This will help you choose goals that will help you grow towards your main vision for your company.

Have fun!

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