By: Vector Corrosion Technologies  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Corrosion Protection, Cathodic Protection, Galvanic Protection

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Since their introduction 20 years ago, Ebonex anodes have been utilized to provide impressed current cathodic protection to historic steel frame masonry buildings and reinforced concrete structures.  Ebonex anodes utilize a conductive titanium suboxide ceramic material with a built-in ventilation system that allows for high current density and allows use in deep applications like concrete beam protection.  Vector has been distributing Ebonex anodes for demanding corrosion protection applications for over 10 years.

This announcement compliments Vector’s acquisition of the electrochemical corrosion business assets from Fosroc earlier in 2009 including the Galvashield® range of galvanic protection products and the established Norcure® process for electrochemically treating chloride-contaminated and carbonated structures.

Keywords: Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Protection, Galvanic Protection, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, Masonry Buildings,

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