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By: Van Der Peyl  06-Dec-2011

                           HARDWARE DESIGN
Analogue & digital design, microprocessor design. Industrial electronics.
Projects with PIC and many other microprocessors. Circuit board layout
in PADS.                           SOFTWARE DESIGN
Design for microprocessors, in assembly and C. For PC in Visual Basic.                            PROTOTYPE PRODUCTION
In-house electronic design and manufacturing of prototypes.
One shop service. We manufacture our own circuit boards in both through
hole and surface mount.                            PRODUCTION
We are competitive in small production runs for specialist products.
We offer design through to the finished product.                          TEST EQUIPMENT 
Our Technical Director has been involved with test equipment all his
working life and is able to design for individual requirement. All products
produced by us are tested before leaving the factory. Microprocessor and
IC programming service. We are able to program a wide range of devices.
Our repair service is in the industrial field. Many of our clients have imported
machinery with little documentation, which would have to go to the other
side of the world to be repaired creating costs and loss of production time. 
We are able to work out circuit diagrams so
that repair can be carried out here. .