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By: Vadaxchange  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Software Developers, Open Standards, Software Updates

You can get Internet Protocol (IP) based phone lines delivered to you over a business-grade quality broadband Internet link. IP phone lines are the way the new competitors choose to enter the New Zealand phone line market.

With VadaXchange you can make calls via both the IP and a traditional phone line. IP based phone line vendors are new entrants into the phone lines market. The phone line rentals and phone call costs are offered at exceptionally low prices.Using IP lines you can take advantage of the new competitive environment in telephony, even without breaking existing contracts. Vadacom can show you today how you can substantially reduce your telecommunications bill.

With IP phone lines you are no longer locked to a line in your geographical location. Use local phone lines in other areas to enable your customers, suppliers and business partners to reach you. You can also enable your staff to be available and in touch while traveling in another town or country.

Give a man a fish, and you can feed him for one day. Teach him how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.Other telecommunications providers can reduce your bill once. They do it by switching your pricing plan from one rate to a different rate.VadaXchange is your best tool to fish for best deals now and in the future. VadaXchange enables unlimited phone lines to be connected to the system. This means you can use different providers to achieve best savings.VadaXchange is based on software developed by a community of thousands of software developers. This means that new open standards are always supported. With VadaXchange software updates service your system will always have current technology to support new phone line types available on the market now and in the future. Vadacom doesn't just enable you to save money once. We will teach you how you can always keep your communications costs down.

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Keywords: Open Standards, Software Developers, Software Updates

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New web browser based call control, presence and buddy chat system

Stop wasting time by knowing the presence status of work colleagues before transferring or placing calls.Change your presence status to determine how you want to handle calls and let work colleagues know your availability. Communicate via industry standards based instant messaging system with people inside and outside your company. Intuitive system means less training for your company staff and increased productivity.


Presence Status and Instant Messaging

Let your colleagues know when you are busy or don't want to be disturbed.Use instant messaging to communicate with each other with least interruption to what you are already doing. With VadaXchange software updates your system will always have current technology to support new innovations in collaboration. Buddy instant messaging system uses XMPP - industry open standard for instant messaging also used by Google Talk.


VadaXchange - Mobile Extensions

This means that no matter what the technological future may bring you will be able to enjoy the benefits of mobile extensions in keeping the costs down and your staff fully productive.VadaXchange is based on software developed by a community of thousands of software developers.



A future-proof SIP phone that combines Gigabyte Ethernet supportand the Polycom HD Voice™ technology experience. Superb sound quality and full-duplex speakerphone performance with Clarity by Polycom™ acoustic technology. Built-in XHTML Microbrowser for third party applications. Revolutionary voice quality with Polycom HD Voice. Polycom® SoundPoint® IP Backlit Expansion Module. Polycom® SoundPoint® IP Color Expansion Module.


VadaXchange - Web Based Administration Tools

Using administration tools will save you money that is normally spent on the expensive trips by technicians to reprogram a traditional PBX system. With VadaXchange software updates your system will always have current software to enable you to get more value of your investment. VadaXchange administration tools are continuously developed by the Vadacom engineering team.