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By: Vacation Campers  06-Dec-2011
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Why Choose a Vacation Camper

Because each Vacation Camper is made with innovation and creativity — from scratch and by hand in the Australian factory – we have complete control over the quality of each camper. Every design decision is made with your comfort, safety and convenience in mind.

Whether you’re holidaying on the beach, at a camping ground, in the bush or the rainforest, with all the family or on a romantic getaway, Vacation Campers has the camper to suit you!

Some of the standard features of our trailer

  • Purpose built trailer
  • Finished with Zincalume so there are no exposed timber areas
  • Genuine Australian Canvas with high quality dense Terko Satin thread which swells in the hole and stays sealed
  • Quality New Zealand made Jockey Wheel
  • Fully assembled in the Factory
  • Fully equipped with a fire extinguisher
  • No exposed raw edges of canvas
  • Quality Stainless steel Kitchen with fold down shelf
  • New tyres and rims even the spare
  • LED Lights

On Road Camper Trailer

Just because it’s not going off road, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a robust vehicle that will keep delivering years and years of solid service!

We know the reality: That even if you plan to stay on road, you’ll still face all kinds of conditions — like crossing a small stream or climbing a rocky hill!

That’s why our on road vehicles are solidly built. For example, our on road vehicles feature the same full chassis as our off road models. They’ll handle light off-road duties with ease!

Plus, the streamlined chassis and 2.05m drawbar means you’ll find our on road models just as easy to tow and reverse.

Off Road Camper Trailer

Whether you’re an experienced camper or an amateur off roader, our off road packages provide you with the capabilities to safely and properly enjoy the exciting outback!

Purpose built for any sort of difficult terrain, you will find that your off road Vacation Camper will rise to any challenge that you set in front of it! Plus, when you and your family set up camp, you’ll see we haven’t sacrificed comfort or practicality for toughness—it’s a pleasure to relax in your off roader!

The difference is in the details — from the practical drop down shelf in the kitchen (that gives you double the space) to the vertical walls (that mean you don’t feel claustrophobic when you’re lying in bed).

Here are just 7 of the “eye for detail” features that distinguish Vacation Campers…

When you unpack the generous carpeted cargo bay, you’ll notice that everything is clean and dry (no matter what kind of conditions you’ve driven through). Why? Because the cargo bay is completely sealed to prevent problems with dust or moisture.

If you get a flat-tyre out on the road, you’ll be so pleased to discover that the spare is easily accessible and BRAND NEW. You know how frustrating it is to discover that your spare just isn’t up to the job. When your holiday includes a big drive, you need all your tyres to perform at their best. That’s why we NEVER cut costs by including a second-hand spare. You get brand new tyres and rims.

When it’s time for you to cook a meal, you won’t have to crouch in an impractical space. Instead, you’ll work on the spacious stainless steel kitchen box, in a very functional kitchen. We know how important it is to be able to easily cook and serve a good meal to your family when you’re out on the road. That’s why we’ve even included a convenient drop-down shelf — and it’s one that ACTUALLY drops down out of your way. You’ll have more space and a more comfortable standing position!

When it’s a hot summer’s night, you want fresh breezes to find their way in. And you’ll really feel them with the 3 large windows we’ve included in your bedroom (not to mention the 2 special bed vents we’ve also added). Open windows usually mean mozzies and sandflies too… but not with a Vacation Camper. We haven’t cut any corners when it came to mosquito netting. Ours are made with durable PVC mesh fabric that’s been UV treated. So this material lets the breezes in, while keeping the insects OUT!

When you hear the pitter-patter of rain on your roof, you want to make sure that nothing gets wet…but you don’t want to have to go outside to zip up the windows! No worries. We thought ahead and made sure that all the zips are internal…easy!

When you have a busy day of driving (or adventure) ahead of you, you want a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, it can be one thing that eludes you when you are holidaying outdoors! But in a Vacation Camper, you’ll be sleeping on a thick queen-size mattress — the kind that you would choose to sleep on if you were in your own home!

When you’re reversing your vehicle with a trailer attached, you know what a challenge it can be — even for the most seasoned outdoors person. That’s why we’ve included a 2.05m drawbar (the longest on the market) for our on-road and off-road trailers, making it easier for you to reverse and giving you maximum control.

Keywords: Camper Trailer, Off Road Camper Trailer, Vacation Campers,