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By: Us Visa New Zealand  05-Apr-2012

US Visa New Zealand - Service

Generally, US immigration laws are uniformly applied in each individual country.  Thus, our services can be effectively provided from our office in Thailand to anywhere in the world if the client has access to internet / telephone and can read, write and understand basic English. Clients can be confident and trust in our service because it is provided by a professional licensed New York lawyer, which can be held accountable for misconduct with the New York Bar Association Discipline & Grievance Committee.

Our service generally consists of the following:

  • Provide free initial opinion on applicant's chance for approval;
  • Collect and review background information;
  • Schedule interview with US Embassy or other government agency;
  • Consulting in regards to answering questions on applications forms;
  • Prepare application forms signed by a lawyer;
  • Provide list of supporting documents in English tailored to your case;
  • Prepare necessary supporting letters;
  • Meeting or telephone conference to review supporting documents;
  • Prepare client to answer potential interview questions; and
  • Assistance preparing 2nd application if 1st application is denied.
Our service does NOT include the following:
  • Translation of foreign language documents to English; or
  • Accompanying applicant to US Embassy or other government agency.

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