Korohiwa land subdivision and sale

By: Urban Plus  05-Apr-2012
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The land adjoining the Eastbourne Bus Garage at Korohiwa is being subdivided to allow for the sale of the land in five lots.

Urbanplus Chief Executive Richard Conway says the sections are in a fabulous spot.

"They are beachfront on what is a breathtaking yet rugged coastline and are very close to the Eastbourne shops and community."

He says the land was bought from Hutt City Council last year in order to evelop and sell.

"Step one of this has been making the land safe. Investigations on the site showed levels of contamination. We have had this contamination removed and the site has been tested to show it is now free of any contaminants.

"Although we briefly marketed the land as one lot to test the market we have decided that the best option will be to subdivide and sell in five lots."

Mr Conway says Urbanplus is currently calling for tenders for the subdivision of the land. "We would expect to be awarding that contract and undertaking the subdivision process by early April with the view to having the sections for sale by mid-June."

In recognition of the historical interest in this site and special characteristics of Eastbourne, Urbanplus has developed a design guide to give potential buyers an idea of what would work well and be sympathetic to the surrounding environment.

"We've provided a guide to assist future developers in terms of building design, architecture and sustainability options that would work well in that environment. A planting guide is also attached which can aid future owners with what the best options are for planting."

Mr Conway says any money made from the sale of the land will be put back into the social housing in Lower Hutt owned by Urbanplus.

Urbanplus is a Council Controlled Trading Organisation (CCTO) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hutt City Council.

For more information please contact:

Richard Conway, Chief Executive, Urbanplus, ph 566 1000

Keywords: Land Development, Property