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By: Upcycle  05-Apr-2012
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What does UPCYCLE do:

1.     E-Waste Disposal and Recycling

Free of charge drop off at UPCYCLE warehouse at 8b Monier Pl., Mt. Wellington, Auckland (in case of large quantity of items for disposal, pre-arrangement is required since we may not be able to accommodate everything due to warehouse space, condition of items, etc.) We offer FREE pickup service around Auckland (for businesses and schools) for at least a dozen of items as listed below:

- Mixed scrap/unwanted items; including Personal Computers (PC), Laptops, LCD Monitors, Peripherals, Cables, and the like.

This doesn't include the following:
- Large Photocopiers
- Printers only
- CRT computer monitors only
- CRT TVs only

CRT TV Disposal
We receive dozens of online and phone enquiries with regards to Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV recycling. To properly dispose and recycle your old TVs, we have to send the CRT tube/glass, to a qualified recycler who handles this kind of glass. Please note that CRT glass contains lead, which is considered hazardous. Hence, this has to be managed correctly and responsibly and must not end up in landfills.

C urrently, we charge a minimum fee for us to dispose of your old CRT TVs responsibly.

2.     Data Destruction

Protection of our clients' proprietary information is of utmost concern. UPCYCLE offers guaranteed On-Site Hard Drive Data Destruction. At UPCYCLE, we can physically destroy your hard drives, rendering the read write heads unreadable.

We will remove your hard drives from the computer and physically crush each drive with the use of our crushing machine, designed to render each platter absolutely destroyed, with no opportunity for reuse or data recovery. Feel free to witness the actual destruction of your businesses drives if required. We can likewise offer this service for other storage media like CDs, DVDs, flash disk drives, and the like.

Businesses are now responsible for more than just their own proprietary data and are held to the highest of standards when it comes to privacy. UPCYCLE provides our clients a "Certificate of Destruction" to assure the release of all liabilities related to or arising from the safe collection and recycling of all electronic devices.


3.      Asset Management

UPCYCLE offers full asset management and resale evaluation services. If you or your organization has any unwanted electronic equipments (Examples of which are mainframe computer, servers, network products, etc.) that are still functioning and may have resale value, UPCYCLE will pick it up and provide you a fair market value for your equipment.

4.      Equipment refurbishing, trading and recycling

As stated above, UPCYCLE likewise refurbish old and unwanted network/telecom equipments (examples are CISCO equipments, Alcatel, Lucent, and the like). We can offer you the best prices for your unwanted items and we can even pick them up in your site if required.

5.      Battery Recycling

We likewise accept used car, truck, and forklift batteries. These batteries have lead inside, which is very hazardous to the environment if just left unattended. You can drop them off at our warehouse, and we will dispose/recycle them for you, free of charge.

6.     Scrap Metal Trading

The company likewise buys ferrous, non-ferrous, and precious metals. We can provide you the BEST price for these items based on current market prices.

7. Laptop/Notebook and Mobile Phone Repairs

UPCYCLE has technical people who has the knowledge and experience in properly diagnosing and repairing ANY brand of laptop/notebooks and mobile phones.

Just drop them at our office and we will diagnose them for FREE (actual cost of repair and parts will vary).

Keywords: Recycling