Custom Apple iPhone 4S Skin

By: Unique Skins  06-Dec-2011

Easy to Install

Unique Skins feature a non-permanent repositioable backing which allows for bubble free installation. No tools are needed to install one of our skins. You simply lay the skin over the housing of your device. Typical installation time of a skin is only a couple minutes.

Premium 3M Material:
After testing many different materials Unique Skins has chosen to use materials manufactured by the leader in the industry 3M. The 3M™ Controltac™ with Comply contains patented non-visible air release channels to assure the customer of a higher gloss bubble free application. Other features include pressure activation, slideability and repositionability for fast and easy applications. Leaves No Residue:
Ready to replace your skin? No need to worry about Unique Skins leaving any residue on your device when removed. Unique Protection:
Unique Skins adds a protective anti-scratch anti-UV coating to all of the skins. By adding this protective layer it is impossible to smudge or smear the design. This also ensures that the color will remain bright and vibrant for over 5 years.