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By: Under Your Skin  06-Dec-2011
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We have researched and selected the most innovative and effective skin care ranges to meet the need of all skin types. All of our treatments give effective results which you can continue with recommended home care products.

We are committed to working with you to create a personal skin care regime that is effective, easy to use and suits your life style. These include -Thalgo Marine Face and Bodycare products/Joyce Blok Natural skincare/Intraceutical Oxygen Lift facial products/Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup/Pier Auge facial products/Gewhol foot creams.


A French marine based range specializing in providing a deep rebalance, remineralisation and moisturisation of the skin for effective maintenance against the ravages of time and environment. Concentrated marine ingredients correct and advance all skin types and conditions in a variety of targeted facials with relaxing massage techniques.

Joyce Blok Natural skincare

New Zealand made and formulated for our climate, using essential oils and natural herbs and vitamins to soothe and hydrate and correct your skin in a facial.

Intraceutical Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology Facials

In the realm of a non surgical facelift and the most hydrating facial you will experience, the use of hyperbaric oxygen delivers active serums and hyaluronic Acid deep into your skin. This results in a visible lift to skin with expression lines and furrows being filled out, and improving with time.


Patchy uneven or weak over tweezed arches will benefit from Librow's unique conditioning technology. Librow is the second chance you never thought your brows would get! In 3 -4 months of regular use watch your brows pop! A patented botanical tinter will accentuate the natural colour of your brows for an even bolder look.


Enhances lashes to become longer and fuller in about 4-6 weeks. This non irritating formula is applied daily as you would liquid eyeliner, and works for all ages and nationalities. You will love your enhanced lashes!

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

A very fine natural mineral makeup which looks matte all day long. This extensive range is a concealer, foundation, a sunscreen spf 18 all in one product. It comes in 3 forms – loose brush on minerals, pressed mineral base and liquid minerals. Or try Dreamtint – a liquid foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen all in one. A full range of mineral eye shadows and eye enhancers. Lipsticks and lipglosses are available and natural blushers. Ideal for sensitive and congested skins.


A premium range of foot products of German origin. Formulated to revitalize tired legs and feet, the best at repairing cracked dry skin on heels and soles of feet.

Spraytanz and St Tropez rub on tans.

Pier Auge

A French skin care range.

Keywords: Skin Care