Security Alarm Services Surveillance Systems Christchurch

By: Ucit  06-Dec-2011
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Security Alarm Services Surveillance Systems Christchurch


UCIT Ltd Christchurch specialise in providing customers with a complete network video surveillance system (digital & analogue) using the most up-to-date digital recording and monitoring systems on the market today. They will consult, design, supply, install and maintain a surveillance system (CCTV cameras, DVR and software) tailor-made to your company's security requirements.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a visual surveillance system which can monitor a variety of environments and activities, and can be integrated with your existing IT infrastructure providing a seamless user interface. UCIT Ltd Christchurch can simply add cameras to your existing computer network without having to install dedicated cables to each and every camera. Real-time images can then be accessed over the internet via a desktop computer or a wireless device such as your laptop, PDA or mobile phone.

Advantages of Digital Video Technology:

  • Integrates with existing computer and POS systems
  • Motion detection - allows recording of real-time events
  • Multi-level password access
  • Convenient recording - no tapes to change
  • Keeps recording while you play back
  • Can use existing cameras and is fully scaleable
  • Remote access via the internet or PDA
  • Controlled viewing access over Local Area Networks

DVR (Digital Video Recording)

Until recently surveillance video has been recorded on VHS tape systems. While this has been an accepted and effective way to capture images, there are problems with storage, security of data and fast, easy access to information.

DVR integrates CCTV cameras, monitoring and remote video monitoring into a single unit that eliminates the need for video tapes and enables you to view your property at any time, from anywhere. Combined with the right software a DVR system enables you to digitally record high quality images directly onto the DVR hard-drive allowing you to quickly and efficiently locate stored images.

Advantages of DVR:

  • Can be easily connected to your existing computer system or standalone
  • Records directly to the hard-drive eliminating the need for daily tape change and captured video can be kept for a longer period of time.
  • Easy and fast access to information by simply entering date/time criteria or other search functions for a fast search
  • Motion detection means only actual events are recorded.
  • Simultaneous multi-camera search saves management time.
  • System has secure password features to 3 levels allowing authorised staff access to different levels.
  • Will continue recording while you play back.
  • Interfaces with POS software and splices transaction data on video to further protect your business from untoward cash & stock handling practices.
  • Cost effective, and can be used with existing cameras.
  • Scaleable solutions from a 1 camera system to 32 cameras
  • Remote access to the system via the internet, or via a PDA device with a wireless internet card installed.
  • Viewable from any computer, with permission, on the Local Area Network. Up to 16 locations can be set up on the network for viewing access.
  • Areas that are not important can be masked out using a masking filter feature built into the software.
  • Wireless camera solutions where cabling is too costly or there is a requirement for a mobile surveillance system.
  • Covert cameras are concealed from unauthorised users and are viewable to the top level user only.

Digital surveillance solutions using CCTV cameras and DVR are increasingly becoming an important part of a business's security requirements and UCIT Ltd Christchurch has a wide range of security cameras and DVR from a variety of quality brands to suit your requirements.


Access control systems are best used in conjunction with surveillance systems to give a complete security solution. Access control and biometrics ensures that only authorised individuals or vehicles can enter or exit restricted areas. The real advantage of an access control system is that it can be integrated with other systems - namely CCTV cameras or intercoms - to identify movement of people and/or vehicles.

Access control systems can be designed to work with swipe cards, pin codes, biometrics (fingerprints) or proximity readers. Access control software analyses information from these products and determines whether the user has authorised entry to the area. The information is then stored and the activity recorded for future reference or reports. Access control software is password protected and allows administrator access to particular programs, networks or drives.

UCIT Ltd Christchurch has experienced technicians who will meet with you to assess your Access Control requirements and then design, supply and install the system that best meets your needs.


UCIT Ltd Christchurch has experienced and knowledgeable technicians who will design and install an alarm system that suits your business needs. Whether you require a residential burglar alarm to protect your home and possessions, or a fully integrated intruder detection solution for your business we have the expertise to ensure the system we install meets all your security requirements.

An alarm system from UCIT Ltd may include:

  • Passive infrared detectors - the alarm signals when the unit measures a change in energy caused by an intruder.
  • Magnetic reed switches - used to protect storage spaces, garages and doors.
  • Glass break detectors - work by responding to the sound or shockwave produced by glass breaking.
  • Seismic detectors - used on vaults, safes and ATM's.
  • Door/Window contacts - monitor the perimeter of the building (Residential)
  • Motion detectors - standard and pet sensitive options (Residential)


UCIT Ltd specialise in small to large business network support solutions. UCIT Ltd will design, develop, implement and support your computer based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. After a check of your current IT infrastructure and with your business needs in mind we can implement a complete and affordable IT solution for your business.

UCIT Ltd offer:

  • The best network configuration for your business - setup to ensure high performance, stability and security.
  • Reliable hardware - including computers, servers, accessories, switches, routing, cables etc.

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