New & Improved! Ripped Fuel

By: Twinlab Fuel  05-Apr-2012

We’ve given legendary Ripped Fuel® a serious upgrade with our all-new, high-tech formulation. New and improved Ripped Fuel is powered by a potent fat burning engine that consists of two powerful phases for superior six-pack support.*

Phase I:
Our Thermo Burn Complex delivers fat-burning, energy-boosting green tea, guarana and yerba mate to the body FAST to help you power through and maximize powerful workouts.*

Phase II:
In phase II, our Extended Release Matrix delivers a unique form of cayenne that is microencapsulated for slower release to help keep your metabolism revved.* Ripped Fuel’s Extended Release Matrix also contains chromium picolinate to help burn fat while preserving lean muscle.*

Our new Ripped Fuel formula also addresses one of the dirty little secrets of weight loss: burning fat can release fat-stored toxins – what we call “cellular pollution.” These toxins can damage healthy cells in your body.* To combat this “cellular pollution,” our new formula contains clinically tested levels of milk thistle to support liver function and aid the body’s natural detoxification process during weight loss.*

Need more intense energy? Dial up our recommended serving to three tablets twice a day.

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