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By: Truestep  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Cleaner, Cleaning Products

True Step C40 Citrus Cleaner

This is a biodegradable citrus cleaner which you purchase as a concentrate and you dilute to the required consistency with water. You can clean your entire home with two mixtures.

  • One litre will last approximately twelve months in the average home.

  • This product does not cause a residue build up from continual cleaning which most other cleaners do.

It is important to use C40 Cleaner after your floor has been treated with True Step for your safety. One of our new mops is recommended as your old mop may have residue build up from previous cleaners.

Floor Cleaning Products

As well as the C40 cleaner we also provide a high quality range of other floor cleaning products.

  • Removes soil by breaking the electrostatic charge
  • Conditions surfaces to help repel soils and keep surfaces cleaner longer.
  • Overall end-user cost savings due to low dilutions and speed of application.
  • When properly diluted, complete removal of petroleum distillates, animal fats and heavy accumulations of soil occurs in one application.
  • Contains no harsh caustic, ammonia or solvents.
  • Safer in the event of an accidental skin contact.
  • Contains a micro catalyst that creates a lubricant to protect surfaces from harsh pads.
  • Does not attack the composition of surface materials, only the soils.
  • Does not open pores in the surface.
  • No degradation of surface materials.

Keywords: Cleaner, Cleaning Products