Banz Kofi Whole Beans - True Pacific

By: True Pacific  06-Dec-2011

High altitudes and relatively cool climate give the Arabica beans a sweet, buttery aroma with hints of chocolate and tropical spices, and an even sweeter taste. Sourced from villagers, who have cultivated the crop in ‘coffee gardens’ since the early 1950s.  Chemical fertiliser and spray fee, resulting in a pure blend, confirmed by independent Australian and European tests to be free of trace elements chemicals or pollutants.

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Niugini Ice Beer - True Pacific

This premium brand has won international medals it the past years and results are as follows. 1996 AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL BEER AWARD Niugini Cold Ice Beers. 2006 MONDE SELECTION 45th World Selection Niugini Ice - Bronze. 2006 AUSTRALIAN INTERNATION BEER AWARDS Niugini Ice - Silver. It is in 330 ml bottle and can and contains 5.2% alcohol. Niugini Ice is one of SP Brewery's premium brands. The cans are only packed in 24s.


Fiji Red Papaya - True Pacific

Dubbed the Fruit of the Gods, it is also a nutritional powerhouse - An excellent source of vitamin C, folate, potassium and dietary fibre, papaya are also high in vitamins A, E and K and papain, an enzyme which helps digest proteins. Fiji Red is the only variety that contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which proponents claim can help prevent cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration and other diseases and ailments.


Heilala Vanilla Product Range - True Pacific

Since harvesting its very first vanilla crop in 2005 the Reunion Food Company has create a range of vanilla products for a growing number of customers who wanted an alternative to nasty imitations and loved the one of a kind plantation to pantry story. From small beginnings of just vanilla beans the range soon grew to include our vanilla extract, paste, sugar, syrup and most recently vanilla bean ice cream.