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By: Triton Commercial Systems  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Food Industry, Barcode, Inventory Control

The systems Triton offers have been developed over many years to assist Meat and Food processors;

  • Process recording: Gather the information. Make it easy, fast, simple. 
  • Reporting: Real time reports that say what is going on.
  • Product Label Presentation and Content. Foreign language text and characters, graphics, prices and date information to suit the customer's needs.
  • Stock Control: Product movement tools, using portable RF scan terminals.AQIS/MAF certificate and product individual box or lot isolation
  • Inventory control: Age and stock count control and rotation. Facilitate Domestic & International distribution & inventory control

System suites include;

  • Piece/Cut weigh-label. Including Auto ID and Sort by weight. Labelling in multi language for Int'l retail market display cabinets, or Hotel/Hospitality. 
  • Carton Weigh-Label. Production recording and Yield management. Multi language, barcode labeling product identification, to suit any export market.
  • Work Order Monitoring/Production control. Batch and lot identify and isolation.
  • ITB/BRI: ‘Internal Transfer’ monitoring and control. Correct carcass/grade product and quantity controls pass into the next process stage.
  • Animal Grading systems. Beef, Sheep, Pork, Venison, Goat are all accommodated within a single frame-work system, that provides ‘National Grading schedules and In-House ‘Item Grades simultaneously. Detailed supplier feedback and in-house grade reporting
  • Hide and Pelt grading: Weigh, measure, labelling and palletising 
  • Barcode Scanning. Inventory and Movement control using RF (wireless) scan terminals for real time verification and inventory updating. Stock movement updates â€˜Inventory’ as it happens for real-time stock levels. Scanning uses unique stock unit serial identification, but can also accommodate generically coded products. Distribution and supply chain users benefit from Internationally standardized GS1 barcodes (EAN).

Triton systems are completely standalone, but integrate as required to other components in the Triton suite. Automatic and prompted data integration to many other business management systems is facilitated by our documented data interface. This can be xml, text file or SQL formatted and is a complete data file per record, for total seamless integration to existing or new business administration systems.

Please, ask if there is something specific you need. Our team of developers are leaders in effective and economic development of food industry applications, new developments and extensions or modifications to existing systems.

Keywords: Barcode, Barcode Scanning, Food Industry, Inventory Control, Production Recording

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Triton software and hardware, Barcode, Labeling, Inventory, Industrial Competers, Meat & Food processing systems, production reco

The 860SE Terminal is the market leading terminal now, with the compact 840SE terminal the low cost, high performance support act for more constrained situations. To provide full function terminals in constrained work places, the 840SE 'compact' Harsh Environment Computers have been developed to complement the 860SE series.


boning room manager

Boning Room Station The Boning Room Manager system enables the definition and entry of product definitions, production orders, design piece and carton labels, set up of process/cut specifications, and present work directions to the on-floor workstations.


weigh label station

This labelling & recording system has multiple layers of redundancy to enable processing to continue for several days/weeks as a standalone system, should servers or plant IT systems collapse for any reason. Large and small screen terminals Semi-automatic and Automatic carton systems use the same workstation, upgraded software with Infeed and Outfeed units.


inventory mangement

Inventory Management When a carton is produced it is automatically assigned to a default location called "Production". Triton barcode scanning is used to identify cartons and change their location.



Auto carton ID, Weigh, Record, Label systems can upgrade standard labeling workstations to semi or fully auto operation. 17” high resolution colour screen and compact design for those workplaces where you need "more for less". The Triton 860SE is the latest development in reliable, easy to use, full size industrial terminals. The Triton 840SE is the latest in compact industrial, Harsh Environment Computer terminals.