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By: Triple-r-superbike  06-Dec-2011
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We are supplied with Dunlop racing Slicks and these tyres have excellent grip. Dunlop's always tend to take more time to get a bike set up to it's perfect setting, but when this is achieved, the grip is very good. A good component I like about the Dunlop's, is that even when they start going off and sliding near the end of a race, the slides are predictable and even though they slide, the bike still drives forward strongly.

In the New Zealand Superbike Championship, we use 17 inch wheels and the compounds we use have been the 3167 for the rears and 237 for the front.  120/75 fronts & 195/50 rears.


Not much needs to be said about Yoshimura, the product is always fantastic and gives you a great start to building a strong competitive superbike. The power that is obtainable out of the GSXR's is fantastic and using the Yoshie equipment, combined with a good engine builder and you have the right recipe for a competitive bike. We use the STR-R cams, along with the cotters and retainers. Yoshie pistons, which offer a higher compression and saves having to take extra off the head to achieve this.

Also the Yoshie 4 into 1 exhaust system, a full Ti system, that also comes with a off set sump. This system is worth approximately 6-7hp over the Yoshie 4-2-1 system, but you do tend to lose a little down in the mid range.

We use the Yoshie E-PROM system now, so the race wiring loom, combined with the race ECU, allows you to switch between 2 different maps on the fly and is your rules allow (ours don't), you can use a quick shifter as well. This system also now allows injection and ignition changes with the race ECU, so a Power Commander is not needed, but can still be used if wanted.

ELF Oil:

Elf Oil is our Oil and lubricant supplier and have excellent product. The Moto 4XT is the main oil we use in our Superbikes and has been a very reliable product. We do change our oil after ever round of racing and the oil that comes out of the engines has not sign of break down in anyway.

I very much recommend Elf's products for all types of motorcylces, both big and small.

Teknic Leathers:

These leathers have shown to be very strong and safe....not that we wanted to test them, but all 3 riders did find themselves at some stage or other, kissing the was Ray's first "off" in about 7 years....which is amazing, especially when you see how hard he pushes.

Shoei Helmets:

These well designed helmets, don't really need much written about them, they fit well and look fantastic, but, best of all, work extremely well, as Brendon can testify, with one of his "off's" happening at over 270kph.....this helmet definitely saved his head, it is always well worth investing good money, in a fantastic helmet.

RK Chains:

We have never had a failure with our chains. The 520 Gold Superbike chain we use, has shown again to be a fantastic product, it also does save on power and helps the engine spin up the fraction quicker, compared to other chains. As long as the chain is cleaned and maintained correctly, these chains will then last a good amount of time, especially with the amount of abuse they receive.


Gymeez is a fitness shop here in Christchurch, which is owned by Vaughn, who rides for Triple R. Through Vaughn's shop, we are supplied protein powders, protein bars and energy drinks, which are a great help during the racing. Especially on those extremely hot days that saps your endurance. These drinks (along with good straight water) are great for lifting us up, so that total concentration can be given to racing.

Sportzone Suzuki:

Sportzone Suzuki, is the local Suzuki shop here in Christchurch and over the past 4 years, Tony and his crew have been fantastic with their support for the team. When ever anything is need, they have been great in getting what ever we need. They also carry a great range of Suzuki bikes and also have some great trade in bikes as well. I sure do recommend this Suzuki outlet, if you are after a new or 2nd hand bike.

Pit Lane:

Pit Lane, is another bike shop here in Christchurch, but it is more a Bike Parts & Tyre shop. Don and his crew have been great supporters of the team since it began and Don has been fantastic with helping us change tyres at all sorts of hours, working late for us....He has a great range of parts and tyres for most bikes and is very helpful........he is not a bad rider either...and can wheelie with the best of them...(his favorite past time).

Southern Monograms:

Southern Monograms do all our logo's for the team clothing, as well as supply the team clothing. Their work is fantastic and I highly recommend them if you ever need any monogram work done. They are very good at pushing time frames, so if time is not on your side, then they are the people to talk to.

Keywords: Bike, Oil, Racing