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By: Trilogy Solutions  06-Dec-2011

While the benefits form ERP systems have been well-documented, and are by and by worth all the effort, these gains cannot be fully realised unless the initial project is well thought out, well structured, and most of all has buy-in across the entire organisation from the top down.

Any new ERP Implementation whether the company is large or small will consume a considerable amount of time, money and resources. Some organisations leap into a new solution implementation without ensuring they have fully planned the project. It is often the case where the original expectations of what the project will bring are not consistent with the end result.

At Trilogy Solutions we understand all the pit-falls associated with a badly thought-out implementation plan. As a company we have invested a great deal of time money and resources in understanding how to avoid many of these undesired results. As part of any implementation we look to ensure the customer is always aware of the following key points and that these points are covered off before any work is started. Some of the key points to be aware of are:

  • Ensuring expectations are consistent with the realised outcome.

  • Ensuring the plan is fully scoped and that the business processes followed by the company will adhere to those adhered to be the system.

  • Ensuring any Data migrated from one system to the other is compatible and is useful to the overall business activities.

  • Ensuring that the overall project will fit within the given budget.

At Trilogy Solutions we pride ourselves on ensuring you are well armed before the project even begins. We follow a strict implementation methodology, commit to a thorough scoping exercise and after the project is completed, ensure the appropriate users are well trained at using their new system.

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