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By: Trew Audio  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Film, Movies, Film and Video

Sound Man is a life-experience download from a filmmaker/technician who spent 40 years making and working on movies. Rick Patton worked on just about every kind of movie ever made, from student films to major Studio features. He traveled the world shooting documentaries with the National Film Board of Canada, worked on Avant Garde Underground films, TV series, Commercials, and major theatrical releases like “Happy Gilmore” and “Seven Years in Tibet”. His sound mixing credits run well into the 100’s of titles. Sound Man is aimed primarily at students and technicians in the early stages of their careers in film and video production, but may also provide some laughs for seasoned Pro’s. Each chapter is a mix of practical technical advice, salted with humourous anecdotes and a few tall tales.

This book is unique in the way it goes into the social and business side of freelance filmmaking. This is more than a technical “how to” book. It’s an insider’s view of the life-style of professional freelance technicians. It’s a demanding but potentially rewarding life full of adventure, technical challenges, and creative opportunities.

"I would have loved to have had this book anywhere in my career. I also think this would make an excellent textbook for anyone who is learning a career involving production sound, either directly, as a technician, or as any film student who will need to accommodate quality sound in their projects." Peter Kurland, CAS. Production Sound Mixer: Men in Black, Walk the Line, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, True Grit, et al.

Paperback, 289 pages

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Deal Memo
  • Preparation
  • Sound Mixing
  • Boom Operation
  • Recorders and Recording
  • Wired Microphones
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Headphones
  • IFB, Playback, and Monitors
  • Cables
  • Sync and Time Code
  • Sound Effects, Wild Tracks, and Voice-Over
  • Set Etiquette
  • Travelling with Equipment
  • Appendix A – Sample Deal Memo
  • Appendix B – Sample Location Survey Log
  • Appendix C – Windscreens and Mounts, Placement of
  • Appendix D – Wireless Transmitters
  • Appendix E – Radio Intermodulation
  • Appendix F – Examples of Sound Carts
  • Appendix G – Decibels and Levels
  • Selected Bibliography

Keywords: Film, Film and Video, Movies

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