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By: Treescape  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Heavy Machinery, Land Clearing, Transplanting

I am emailing to tell you what a great job the two men from your company have done on the tree removal task.

I work for Multiflora Laboratories Ltd, 686 Rosebank Road, Avondale we lease from Akzo Nobel at the same address.

The willow tree (a large one) had come down over the weekend.

We are very impressed that two people have managed to clear the entire tree & leave the area in a very tidy manner.

I think they are excellent ambassadors for your company, and after witnessing the work done I would not hesitate to use your services and to recommend you to others.

Also the weather today has been horrible.


Land Clearing / Development

Treescape’s landclearing division carries out all aspects of development enablement work to prepare land for future construction. Our specialist team comprises experienced heavy machinery operators, arborists and staff from allied fields such as forestry and landscaping. We’ll do everything from clearing trees and undergrowth, and grinding stumps, to stockpiling mulch for sediment control. We carry out specialist tasks required for resource consent, such as putting in silt frames and straw mulching for erosion control. We will transplant trees to or from the site and do the landscape planting.

“I take this opportunity to acknowledge the supreme effort that has taken place to deal with the clean-up from the recent storm conditions.

All involved deserve huge thanks for the extended hours worked, particularly in inclement weather in the middle of the night.

The work ethic displayed gives Auckland City the greatest confidence in the abilities of Treescape and we look forward to our continued partnering relationship.

Thanks again.”

Bruce Edwards
Auckand City

For real impact on a development site or to create a feeling of instant maturity in a park or streetscape, transplanting large trees can be the answer. Transplanting mature trees to a new location within the same site can also help free up construction space where trees must be retained to comply with resource consent.

Treescape has the experience to move trees from 4kg to 140 tonnes - from one city block to the length of the country. Over the years we have drawn on the knowledge of experts around the world to develop methods and equipment ideal for New Zealand conditions. Our specially-built lifting frames and root ball strapping extract the maximum root ball for the tree’s health and contain it while being transported.

Fully grown trees can be moved with ease, provided access and ground conditions allow. Preparation and adequate aftercare are the key to successful transplanting. Our team of specialist transplanters can provide irrigation and soil enhancement to optimise the tree’s long term health.

Treescape’s treespades are another option for transplanting. They provide a quick and cost effective way to transplant, with minimum stress on the tree.

The truck-mounted spade enables us to move trees over large distances at speed, site-to-site or town-to-town. For more difficult or inaccessible sites, the treespade can be mounted on an excavator

Keywords: Heavy Machinery, Land Clearing, Transplanting