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By: Tranzsend  05-Apr-2012
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Saturday, 24 March 2012 00:00
In the week before Christmas, a team of young people came to our area to sing carols, share the Good News and pray with us. They arrived in the early evening after we had spent the day joyfully celebrating Christmas with the staff at Innologics. Together with these 15 young people we gathered the staff in our courtyard and, standing in a semicircle, sang our hearts out. As the music echoed through the neighbourhood people began to appear on balconies and in the lanes, gathering until around 50 people were watching and listening. As the carols ended, our pastor shared a short message and we prayed together. It was a wonderful way to finish our celebrations – or so we thought.As we prepared to go, one of our friends, 'Kamini,' commented, "Shouldn't we go to the other area to sing? They haven't had Christmas carols over there yet!" It was already 9pm and many had a fair way to go, but after talking to the leader we all decided it was a good idea. We picked up our guitars and wended our way out into the community.The lanes in the area we were headed to are narrow, maybe 5 feet wide in places, so we lined up against the walls to allow people to pass through between us. Being in a fairly notorious area, there was a steady stream of men walking by, giving us curious looks.We stood on the street and began to sing. Above us was the home of Sandlip, the young man who had been a member of our staff until his tragic death earlier in the year. Hearing carols and songs in their own language, some of his family emerged and joined us. It surprised a lot of us, but there were tears in people's eyes as they heard the Good News and the message of Christmas. When our songs were done we were invited into their homes to share and pray with them.In a narrow lane often cloaked in darkness, the light of Christmas shone bright that night. For Sandlip's family, and our staff who live in that area, the gift of Christmas became clear, and was accepted with joy. We are so thankful that 'Kamini' was sensitive to the Spirit's prompting, and that the Christmas message makes such a difference.
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Keywords: Baptist

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