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Through its associate company - Tradex New Zealand Limited - Tradex is able to offer a full range of management support services.

The Export Diagnostics Programme (the exporters 'Warrant of Fitness')

Just as you wouldn't take your car on the road until it has had a Warrant of Fitness check, you shouldn't take your business down the export road until you have completed the Exporters 'Warrant of Fitness' Diagnostic Programme. This programme is based on one developed in Australia which has been credited with adding many millions of dollars of exports to the Australian economy. It has assisted numerous small to medium businesses to become successful exporters with significantly reduced risks. The benefit has been clearly seen in companies that we have taken off shore to new markets.

Having applied this programme in New Zealand with similar outstanding results, we now recommend it for any company looking to commence exporting and for current exporters wishing to reduce their exporting risk and formalise their processes.

Tradex is in frequent contact with businesses that operate in a wide range of different markets, and has broad experience in analyzing and assessing different types of businesses, products, services and markets.

Many New Zealand companies have developed innovative products and processes, and Tradex helps these companies to market their innovative ideas to a wider range of customers.

We can assist you to assess all aspects of your business, and to identify potential new markets for your products and services.

We can advise you on

  • Identification of valuable Intellectual Property that may lie behind the products and services you currently offer.
  • The needs of your most important customers.
  • Potential new markets and customers for your products and services.
  • New ways to package and present your products and services to customers.
  • Possible valuable synergies with products and services and Intellectual Property of other Tradex customers.
  • The potential problems and pitfalls in taking a new product or service to market either in New Zealand or internationally.

Tradex Directors and Associates have experience in manufacturing Operations Management, and can provide assistance with

  • analysis of manufacturing process efficiencies
  • costing and pricing
  • business restructuring
  • system development and implementation
  • strategy development
  • succession and exit planning

After analyzing your products and services and assessing your current and potential markets, Tradex can prepare a detailed Marketing or Business Plan for your business.

A Marketing Plan usually includes the following:

  • Product features.
  • Customer needs.
  • Identification of potential markets and market segments.
  • Potential market returns.
  • Marketing budget.
  • Timeline for market development.

This Plan will encompass costings for international marketing, including any requirements for marketing material, travel or display in the different markets. It may also develop a staged approach to the development of different markets, to enable the building of expertise and knowledge of differing market needs.

Tradex can also prepare Business Plans, which may include any or all of the following, depending on the needs of your business.

  • Financial analysis of your production processes.
  • Financial modeling of new projects and new ventures.
  • Financial analysis of and projections for your business.

All Marketing and Business Plans will be prepared in consultation and discussion with you and your staff. Tradex can also monitor and manage your marketing or business plan over either the short or long term depending upon your needs.

Before you introduce a new product, service, idea or concept to the market, Tradex can investigate the market and marketing potential for the product to minimise the risk in bringing the project to market. This material may include:

  • A complete Market Analysis
  • Identification and evaluation of Environmental factors that may affect the product or services success
  • Competitor and competitive position analysis
  • Product success factor identification and product positioning
  • Management capability and requirements to ensure success.
  • Evaluation of the Marketability of the product through advertising and promotion
  • Evaluation and recommendations on the Pricing strategy that should be employed
  • Customer identification and characteristics that should be exploited

Tradex can assist you with the upgrading and development of marketing material specifically designed to support your Marketing Plan. This material may include:

  • Company profile.
  • Review of the company’s image and realignment of the image with the Marketing Plan.
  • Product catalogues.
  • Web site integration with other marketing materials.

Tradex is able to offer a full spectrum of assistance with the implementation of a Marketing Plan which is suitable for your company. The level of Tradex involvement can be at a level that suits the company’s needs, ranging from full implementation to periodic monitoring and advising.

  • Full responsibility for implementing the Marketing Plan within an agreed budget.

  • Responsibility for managing the marketing activities to allow existing managerial staff to concentrate on production and development issues.

  • Responsibility for implementing parts of the Marketing Plan in agreed markets or areas, within defined budgets.

  • Monitoring of the Marketing Plan implementation as undertaken by the company's staff, and the provision of advice and assistance as required.

  • Display of company marketing material at suitable Trade Shows. Identification of opportunities for the company that may arise at Trade Shows or in markets where Tradex is working with other companies.

If your company has developed Intellectual Property that it wishes to sell, Tradex can assist you by preparing the documentation that potential buyers will require.

This documentation is usually prepared in two parts:

First, a generic document describing the overall business processes, which can be given to potential purchasers early in the sale process, and generally includes:

  1. Business description.
  2. Business structure and organisation.
  3. Details and specifications of products and services.
  4. Services and material requirements.
  5. Brief outline of staff requirements, including job descriptions and person specifications.
  6. Office and administration systems requirements.

Secondly, a more detailed and confidential document providing information that a purchaser will need in order to operate the business. It constitutes the written part of the expertise being offered for sale, and will include details such as:

  1. Description of processes to ISO standard.
  2. Procedures for the operation of any equipment used.
  3. Any maintenance manuals for equipment.
  4. Safety procedures and hazard identification.
  5. Staff training programme.
  6. Financial modeling and budgets.
  7. Marketing plan and advice .
  8. Hints and tips related to the business.

Through Trade Shows, Tradex offers its customers access to dynamic, growing markets with significant prospects for growth. Tradex has been escorting customers to Trade Shows and facilitating product sales at these Shows for five years.

Currently, Tradex holds the exclusive Australasian rights for display stands at Trade Shows in Dubai, Cairo and Peru.

Tradex can provide:

  • Statistical data on growing markets.

  • Advice on suitability of Trade Shows for individual customers.

  • Display stands at Trade Shows.

  • Assistance with stand design and optimal product presentation.

  • Assistance with stand set-up.

  • Assistance with product transport, Customs documentation, storage and other issues concerned with product transfer to and from Trade Shows.

  • Assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements.

  • Advice on local market conditions and attitudes.

  • Introductions to potential local agents.

  • Representation of products and services from companies with whom Tradex has a marketing agreement.

Through its skilled management team and qualified associates, Tradex is able to provide business management assistance and advice to small and medium sized companies that they normally would not be able to gain.

Tradex can provide:

  • Operational management support.
  • Strategic development planning.
  • Investment evaluation and recommendations.
  • General management assistance.
  • Counseling, mentoring and advice to line and support managers.

For companies that wish to attract additional investment or investigate sale options, Tradex can assist with documentation of:

  • Business Plans and Marketing Plans.
  • Business and manufacturing processes.
  • Business valuations.

For owner/managers who wish to consider future exit strategies from the business, Tradex can further assist with:

  • Operating manuals and detailed process documentation.
  • Restructuring of the business to incorporate new management structures.
  • Hiring new management staff.

Keywords: Marketing, Marketing Plan

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