By: Trade Mobile  06-Dec-2011

You want to reach your customers through their mobile phone. TradeMobile can help you do it quickly and easily.

  • We take business strategies to mobile
  • We provide a platform for businesses to interact directly with customers through their mobiles
  • We are a one-stop-shop that can tailor bespoke mobile solutions to any business, any system, any market, anywhere
  • Our platform can send branded content to people in 224 countries, across 886 carrier networks and to 99.9% of all mobile phones, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android.

TradeMobile has the technology and experience to engage with mobile phone users around the world enabling you to establish a mobile channel to your customers.

  • Re-focus on customer care and service
  • Supply market-driven content
  • Improve supply chain management (move from fixed technology to flexible, hosted services)
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Maintain competitive advantage
  • Provide a two-way exchange of “real time” information and services.
  • Targeted approach – right content for monetising - not just about replicating web content on mobile
  • Can deploy any content, from any source, seamlessly via web and mobile
  • Mobile look and feel customised to your brand
  • Easy day-to-day management (intuitive administration)
  • Can turn on additional services as revenues grow
  • Can integrate into legacy systems (or simply by-pass outdated technology)
  • Can contribute to business sustainability, growth and even transformation
  • Stand alone infrastructure – end to end services that can be simply “plugged in” with no need for 3rd party support
  • 4 years in development
  • Economies of scale – no need to re-invest in infrastructure or long development timelines
  • Carrier and handset independent
  • Multiple currency transactions and payment gateways
  • Global distribution (224 countries)
  • Business to customer focus rather than solely technology.