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By: Totalnet  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Search Engine, Business Website, Advertising Online

TotalNet offers a range of services to compliment your website that will increase your ROI even further.  From advertising online to generating an online revenue, we have it covered.

Internet Marketing:

Search Engine Optimisation

Right off the blocks, TotalNet website products are technically optimised for search engine performance, beyond this it's down to the content on your site and how relevant it is to people looking for products or services you offer.

We will undertake an audit of your present website search performance and put together an action plan to improve your search rankings even further.

Branding / Logo Development

Even if you already have a logo, developing a brand online involves selecting the right colour scheme, typeface and layout that appeals to your target audience and is representative of your business. Our brand and graphic designers will create a professional online identity for you.

Advertising Online:

You may be number 1 in the search results for your target keywords but you can still increase visits to your website by advertising online, not all of your target market will use search to find you or your products and even when they do they may not use the keywords you would expect.

TotalNet will help you set up advertising campaigns online with Google Adwords combined with the powerful reporting from Google Analytics so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Website Performance:

QuickSite CMS comes with a statistics reporting tool that will show you week-by-week how many visitors view your site as well as what they looked at and where they came from, however, there is a much more powerful tool available to you that allows for comprehensive visitor tracking and trend analysis. Essential for any business website is to know not just how many visitors you have but how they use your website and how that behaviour changes when you update your site.

Google Analytics

TotalNet will set up a Google Analytics account to work with your QuiteSite or QuickSite CMS website and walk you through the process of setting up your reports and measuring website performance.

Earn Passive Income from your Website:

You don't need to sell products from an online store to make money online; if your website has content people are interested in then you could generate your own advertising revenue and our CMS integrates easily with Google AdSense.

Google AdSense

We will work with you to understand if AdSense is right for your business and set up your account as well as your website.

Business Functionality:

Google Apps

TotalNet will get you set up on Google Apps on your domain quickly.

Keywords: Advertising Online, Business Website, Powerful Reporting, Search Engine