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First we must answer the question why is it necessary for us to eat or drink at all? Well, it is vital to nourish the cells of our body with live enzymes and nutrients in order to maintain excellent HEALTH. Simply put, the digestive process has to break down the food we eat into a liquid form before the body can assimilate the nutrients. This can take hours (especially when eating an animal based diet) using up a lot of energy in the process, including pushing through the fibre which has virtually no nutrition but acts as an intestinal broom helping to keep the colon clean and healthy. This is why we advocate a 80 - 85% raw diet in which one gets ample fibre.

When we JUICE we remove the fibre thus almost eliminating the breaking down of food in the stomach, making the precious enzymes, nutrients and minerals are much more available for assimilation in much less time. Also, if modern research is correct, the power of the body to break down the cellular structure of RAW vegetables and fruit to assimilate the precious elements they contain even in the HEALTHIEST individual is not more than 35%, dropping to 1 - 2% percent in a very sick individual. In the form of fresh vegetable JUICE these same individuals can assimilate over 90% of the available vital elements. (This is assuming the RAW vegetables and fruit have all the correct elements in them. We advocate Organic wherever possible).

It is important to note that most of the nutrients found in vegetables and fruit are stored in the fibre. To release the maximum NUTRIENTS into the JUICE the fibre must be properly pulverized or triturated. This is why we use and recommend the GREEN STAR Twin Gear Juicer which exclusively features magnetic and bioceramic technology in its twin gear system that allows it to extract juice of higher nutritional content.

The quick assimilation of NUTRIENTS brings about faster REGENERATION of the entire body. Dr George Malkmus, writes in his book "God's Way to Ultimate Health", page 150, "The RAW foods and JUICES themselves do not heal. What they do is to provide us with concentrated building materials so that our BODY CAN RESTORE ITSELF. The FIRST part of our body that will RESTORE when given the proper nutrients is the IMMUNE SYSTEM. As the immune system restores, then it seeks out trouble spots through out the whole body starting to restore them."

For those of us that NEED to REGAIN HEALTH, juicing is a vital key in fact it is truly a FAST FOOD and the turbo charged way to RESTORE the CELLS of our body. JUICING plays just as an important part in the daily routine, for anyone who wants to maintain HEALTH even those of us who are not ill.

We recognize chlorophyll's important role in the body to promote the growth of healthy tissue. The Green Star Twin Gear Juicer is highly successful in its ability to extract juice from chlorophyll-rich plants such as leafy greens, herbs and grasses (including wheatgrass). The structure of chlorophyll is very similar to that of a hemoglobin molecule of the human blood and tests show that it stimulates the formation of red-blood cells. The consumption of green juices is valuable especially as it has an alkaline reaction in the body which helps create a disease-free condition.

'NOTHING BEATS THE ORIGINAL' which is the only juicer that has had the scientific research and has won the international awards.

Sep. 2004, Gold Excellence Award. Equipment Utensils and General Health. Alive Acadamy of Nutrition Awards.

June 2003, 1st Place, Stiffung Warentest (German Consumer Reports). Germany.

Sep. 2002, Silver Award of Excellence - Equipment: ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards.

Green Star owners expect only the best from Tribest products, making Green Star machines reputably one of the world’s best juice extractors and most efficient food processors.

Heavy duty twin gear bioceramic technology.

GS 1000 Model comes complete with Homogenizing Blank for frozen desserts and nut butters.   

Heavy duty twin gear bioceramic technology.

GS 2000 includes the same as GS 1000 Plus: Coarse Screen for doing quantities of fruit juices, Stainless Steel strainer and Drip Tray.

Heavy duty twin gear bioceramic technology.

GS 3000 includes the same as GS 2000 Plus: Pasta maker set and Breadstick/Rice cake maker set.

Heavy duty twin gear bioceramic technology.

GS 1000 Model comes complete with Homogenizing Blank for frozen desserts and nut butters.   

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