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By: Topologika  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Literacy, Food Preparation, Nutritious Food

Develops Cookery, Nutrition, Healthy-eating, Safety, Catering and Manual Skills

Captain Cook's Tuck Box aims to get children cooking (and eating) nutritious food. Teachers love the way it saves time and makes budding cooks anticipate their next lesson as much as their hungry tums do. For parents it's a mouth-watering way to make food preparation safe, educational and fun.Captain Cook's Tuck Box includes 208 recipes, some child-designed (e.g. Hotch Potch, Worm Pie, Caterpillar Salad and 'Dog' Biscuits), and some based on government..  

Jigsaw Maker is a dazzling picture pack that turns proud young artists into beaming puzzle designers.

Jigsaw Maker provides key picture creation tools, plus others to cut pictures into 4, 6 or 9 squares and make ‘sliding block’ or ‘click-to-swap’ puzzles. Jigsaw Maker software is fully configurable and designed for the whole primary age-range, offering just a ‘pen’ for early learners to a complete set of ‘grown-up’ tools for older children, including Fill, Text, Undo, Load/Save, Print, plus symmetrical drawing and colouring and re-sizeable m..  

40 Numeracy, Literacy, Design and Problem-solving activities + 320 worksheets!

Encouraging co-operative work and imagination, the DoIT Bumper Pack consists of varied and enjoyable activities for developing Literacy, Numeracy, Design and Thinking skills. . Practising anagrams, finding meanings, opposites and word parts, counting, sorting and working with number patterns are ideal for the Literacy and Numeracy hours. Easy-to-use Design tasks include shape, reflection, rotation, Carroll diagrams, Pelmanism puzzles and card a..  

Music writing software

Until now, most music software has been black and white, and required budding musicians to manipulate fiddly notation or to sequence someone else's musical phrases. And if, like some pop stars, they preferred to start with lyrics, they couldn't.Well now they can. Although learners can still edit notation on a stave if they wish, Words & Music also provides colourful 'paper strips' which they can slide up and down to change pitch, and stretch, shrink, split and join to make differen..  

Keywords: Food Preparation, Literacy, Number Patterns, Nutritious Food

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Topologika: Educational software - giantkiller

GiantKiller' is a classic and tongue-in-cheek Maths adventure game based on Jack and the Beanstalk. It's aimed at 8 to 14 year olds - yes, really - although older children and adults may enjoy it too. A Little Bit of History.


Scally's World of Problems encourages pupils to think creatively

This takes the activity and the learning beyond problem-solving into the creative process, drawing on imagination and planning skills. Co-operative and stimulating tasks that encourage pupils to think creatively. NC: En2, En3,: En3NLS: Word level R & Y1, Word and sentence level Y2&3. Eight different environments with 25 puzzles in each.


Topologika: Educational software - focus inkblots

Created by Marshal Anderson who also wrote,,,, 'InkBlots' creates random 'blots' and scribbles, just like this animation. Inkblots' is a small Windows application to help spark creativity in the classroom or at home. What emerging shapes and patterns can you see.