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By: Tomotherapy  06-Dec-2011
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The TomoTherapy® System establishes a gold standard for radiation therapy, combining revolutionary design, industry-leading treatment precision and daily image guidance for true treatment accuracy. The highly integrated TomoTherapy System assures clinicians and patients that treatments are delivered precisely and safely.

Escaping the confines of conventional radiation treatment devices developed more than a half century ago, the design of the TomoTherapy System combines a CT scanner with a radiation treatment delivery system. This design enables efficient daily 3D CT imaging to ensure the accuracy of the patient position before each treatment delivery and leverages the ring geometry to then deliver state-of-the-art radiation treatments, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). By combining CT imaging and radiation treatment delivery capabilities in a single device, the TomoTherapy System provides more effective treatment deliveries, minimizing patient side effects.

The benefits of the TomoTherapy System include:

  • Complete Integration - The TomoTherapy System is an all-in-one solution that provides a fully-integrated treatment process for radiation therapy. It incorporates easy-to-use software for treatment planning, quality assurance, patient set-up and treatment delivery, all from the same secure, centralized database. Because all patient and plan information is stored in a single location, the risk of data transfer errors is minimized. This level of integration greatly reduces the number of technical decisions that need to be made, giving clinicians more time to focus on safely treating their patients.
  • Industry-Leading Precision - The TomoTherapy System provides helical (continuous 360º) delivery of IMRT. Tens of thousands of narrow beamlets are used. All beamlets target the tumor and are individually optimized to contribute to the total tumor dose. By delivering beamlets from more angles than any other form of IMRT, the TomoTherapy System provides the most precise conformal radiotherapy available.
  • Efficient Treatments - The TomoTherapy System also provides the TomoDirect modality, offering a discrete-angle, non-rotational delivery option, with 3D conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT) capabilities, for highly efficient treatment of routine indications. TomoDirect allows creation of treatment plans that include between two and 12 target-specific gantry angles.
  • True Accuracy - The TomoTherapy System’s integrated CTrue™ technology lets clinicians acquire CT images for every patient, every fraction, every day. These are used for positioning and ensure accurate delivery of precise treatment plans.
  • Full Assurance - Using the same 3D images for daily patient positioning and dose guidance, clinicians are able to visualize the dose that will actually be delivered to the patient that day. This feature makes it possible to do true adaptive radiation therapy with the Planned Adaptive™ software.
  • Adaptable Dose Delivery - The combination of CTrue technology and Planned Adaptive software enables quantitative, dosimetric analysis and modification of a patient’s treatment at any point during the treatment course. As a result, patients can be confident they are receiving the full prescribed dose and treatment plans can be adjusted to account for changes in anatomy and tumor size over the course of a treatment.
  • Integrated Quality Assurance - The Tomo Quality Assurance (TQA™) application, a calendar-based productivity tool that simplifies the collection and analysis of system performance information, offers trending and reporting of many parameters that allow physicists to monitor machine performance.

Keywords: Image Guidance, Radiation Therapy, Radiation Treatment,

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