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By: Tomotherapy  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Quality Assurance, Radiation Therapy, Radiation Treatment

Accuray offers a comprehensive product portfolio that includes the most advanced solutions for radiation treatment planning and delivery. The company’s CyberKnife® and TomoTherapy® Systems provide the options clinicians need to tailor radiation treatments to the specific needs of each patient – ranging from high precision radiosurgery to image-guided, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT).

Both treatment systems include integrated image guidance to ensure precise treatment delivery, giving both clinicians and patients assurance that the tumor – not healthy surrounding tissue and vital organs – is being targeted with radiation.

The complete product portfolio for each product includes dedicated treatment planning software, data management tools and the ability to integrate with other systems for seamless quality assurance and archiving.

The first and only robotic radiosurgery system delivering customizable, non-surgical treatments for a broad range of tumors anywhere in the body. Only the CyberKnife® System allows practitioners to non-invasively deliver high doses of radiation to tumors with extreme accuracy and intense precision, providing personalized and tailored treatments that help clinicians pursue the best clinical outcomes for patients’ individual needs.


The TomoTherapy® System is a fully-integrated, 3D image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT ) system. Through daily CT imaging, the TomoTherapy® System allows clinicians to give each patient the most accurate and highest quality individualized treatments specifically tailored to their needs. Unique helical delivery means a broader range of tumors can be treated, expanding options for more patients.

Keywords: Image Guidance, Quality Assurance, Radiation Therapy, Radiation Treatment, Treatment Planning,

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TomoTherapy System | Accuray

This design enables efficient daily 3D CT imaging to ensure the accuracy of the patient position before each treatment delivery and leverages the ring geometry to then deliver state-of-the-art radiation treatments. Escaping the confines of conventional radiation treatment devices developed more than a half century ago, the design of the TomoTherapy System combines a CT scanner with a radiation treatment delivery system.


CyberKnife VSI System | Accuray

As validated and proven in numerous peer-reviewed publications, the precision and accuracy of the system combines with continual image guidance and robotic mobility to deliver treatments characterized by high conformality and steep dose gradients.


TomoHD Treatment System | Accuray

The TomoHD Treatment System also offers a streamlined design that gives treatment centers even more flexibility, enabling the system to be placed in bunkers smaller than those required for older gantry-based radiation therapy systems.