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By: Tint A Window  06-Dec-2011
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Glass is a fantastic product.  It can be used to maximize your view and surroundings, provide increased natural light, and with design and flair can create a style that looks sensational.  However, it can increase annoying glare, and damaging UV rays, as well as raising the temperature within the room or office space.

Tint-a-Window’s range of Solar Protective Films is the answer.

They control everything except your view:

  • Controlling from 31% to 81% of heat affecting your home or workplace.
  • Controlling glare by upto 87%.
  • Blocking 99% of UV rays.

Professionally installed window film far outperforms standard tinted glass when it comes to protection from UV rays, white light and heat in your home or office.  In-fact, Tint-a-Window applies as much solar protective film to tinted (or coloured glass) as they do to clear glass.

Tint-a-Window Solar Protective Films:

  • Provide a cooler home or office in summer and help retain heat in winter.
  • Reduce glare and increase protection from damaging UV rays, heat and white light.
  • Dramatically reduce fading of carpets, curtains and furniture.
  • Increase energy efficiency by reducing energy costs.

UV Grade/Rating:

Solar Protective films are made of a micro-thin polyester composition adhered securely to your windows.  The manufacturer of Tint-a-Window films, not only impregnate the adhesive, but also the film structure with UV absorbers, so that all Solar Films absorb 99% Ultra violet radiation.  Testing has indicated that after approximately 5yrs of normal exposure the film is still rejecting 98% of the UV rays. (Other manufacturers who only impregnate the adhesive with UV absorbers show only 93% rejection of UV rays after 2yrs).


CDF (Clear Distortion Free) is the manufacturer’s patented dry adhesive system, which forms a chemical bond between the film and the glass.  CDF is thinner that any other adhesives and as a result provides perfectly clear, distortion free vision through the glass.

Tint-a-Window’s Safety/Security & Anti-Graffiti Films are made from a single or multiple layers of high quality polyester film, and are bonded securely to the glass with special strengthening adhesive designed to absorb impact and resist shattering. The resilient combination of adhesive and film will hold the broken pieces together, decreasing the risk of injury and resisting unwelcome entry or damage.

Anti-Graffiti film is suitable for exterior application to glass and metal surfaces, providing protection from vandalism, scratching or malicious damage. It is invisible and is used in high risk areas to protect glass shop fronts, public access areas and public transport vehicles.

Safety/Security & Anti-Graffiti Film:

  • Decreases the risk of injury from flying glass.
  • Strengthens building security against forced entry.
  • Protects against spontaneous glass failure.
  • Protects against breaking glass contaminating food at processing plants, or other manufacturers’ products.
  • Provides an invisible barrier against glass scratching, etching and willful damage.

Tint-a-Window’s range of Safety/Security & Anti-Graffiti films have been manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 2208 where required.

Interior glass, partitions or shop frontages can be transformed with the use of Tint-a-Window Decorative & Frosting films.  Glass partitioned offices can take on a whole new look, providing privacy without that ‘closed in’ feeling.

Decorative & Frosting films applied to your glass interiors:

  • Improve the look and feel of your business or home.
  • Provide privacy from customers or other staff
  • Can be used internally or externally.
  • Are available as printed company logos, graphics or computer cut distinctive designs on existing glass partitions.
  • Are available in opaque, frosted, sparkle or customised designs.

Please contact us if you require more information or have any further questions about your options with window films.  Tint-a-Window offers a free, no obligation measure and quote service and samples can be made available of request.

Tint-a-Window has the largest variety of films on hand to supply.  This is crucial so that we can supply and fit the most effective film for a given situation, and can be confident that the film is available.

Tint-a-Window managers and technical support staff have extensive experience and knowledge of the varying applications of window film, and endeavour to use the most advanced film technology and installation techniques available  This ensures that the correct film type and application is used whatever the situation. 

Tint-a-Window has extensive experience installing window film.  Our staff have over 41yrs combined experience installing all brands and types of window film, and have developed preparation and application techniques which enable them to provide the best results, second to none.

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