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Here at Timbercore we are dedicated to making houses that are not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing, houses which have: soft, quiet, and warm interiors.


Our buildings have less emphasis on making the exterior conspicuous, but more on maximizing the potential size of each building. Our kit sets start from only $354 per square metre.

Faster Construction Process:

Constructing a Timbercore building will provide a faster, safer construction process with less demand for skilled workers on site, less disruption to the community and less waste. This is possible because building with laminated timber allows us to pre-fabricate some of the materials used.

DIY Capabilities:

Our kitset houses are designed to make D.I.Y. easy for home makers, from the planning stage right through to the construction process. Our buildings come with all the things you will need to build a strong house.

Earthquake Resistant:

Our buildings perform adequately in terms of sound performance as well as a high resistance to earthquakes.


Our houses are all made with New Zealand timber. New Zealand timber is not only strong and reliable but collected in a way that ensures future generations benefit from New Zealand’s sustainable natural resource.

When constructing a house we always have the customer in mind, we understand that a house is not just a building but also a home.

Our Range of Houses include:

• Barn-style Homes
• Heritage Homes
• Double Storey Homes
• Chalets
• Victorian Style Villas

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Keywords: Laminated Timber, Timber

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The growth and production of one net tonne of timber absorbs a net 1.7 tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere compared to the production of one tonne of steel which emits 1.2 tonnes of C02 into the atmosphere. One example of our technological advances is our use of Structural Laminated Timber, a benefit received from its application is the superior strength to weight ratio it provides.