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By: Threw The Keyhole  06-Dec-2011
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Whole house restoration

When undertaking a house restoration project you want to be sure that all the stress of matching existing hardware to keep the property look and style are at your fingertips, this is where we are able to help by offering the following:-

  • We can provide a whole house restoration service where we will restore all your hardware, door and window fittings.
  • We are happy to come and survey your property and give you an estimate on costs and what is required.
  • We are also happy for you to book workshop time to have critical parts restored and returned on the same day i.e. window stays.

Polishing service

Our business started out as a polishing specialist for brass ware here in Christchurch however this service has now expanded to cover not only house hold items but vintage car parts, ornamental building architecture, sculptures, church alter items, commercial items and much more. It’s fair to say that if it’s metal we can polish and restore it!

Metals we polish included

  • Brass Copper chrome
  • Aluminum
  • Cast iron

Lock and key service

One of the great skills we have is the preserving and servicing old Victorian Box Rim locks, Cast iron locks and American Carpenter locks. Having started out as a Lock Smith in Britain I developed my skills in restoring old locks for some of the large houses and period properties. I am now pleased to offer this skill here in New Zealand and supply handmade keys for your locks. We use old keys where possible to keep the character of the piece.

This service also included, desk locks, cabinets, clocks, in fact anything with a lock.

Mail order service

Keywords: Locks, Mail Order Service, Polishing Service, Window Fittings