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By: Thorner  06-Dec-2011
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Life Insurance Services and Quotes Upper Hutt Wellington

Are you prepared for anything? Why take out life insurance?

Personal insurance will not solve everything – but it will provide invaluable help when you need it most.

  • It will buy you time, providing you with recovery options
  • It will provide you with a financial safety net, so you don’t have to deplete hard earned savings
  • It will allow dependants to look ahead with some degree of certainty, even if you can’t be there for them

How would you cope if you suffered one of the following?

Death or terminal illness As some of us will die prematurely there is no time like the present to ensure dependants are not left with personal or business debts. Many options are available to take care of short and long term financial commitments such as mortgages and ongoing living costs for your family.

Trauma and critical illness Living assurance cover is designed to help you financially survive some of lifes serious health issues like heart attacks, strokes and cancer which can leave you seriously unwell but still alive.

Injured or too sick to work You can easily become disabled for more than three months and whilst your health may suffer, your financial well being doesn’t have to. Income protection cover can provide tailored ongoing financial stability.

Permanent disability Sometimes we suffer an illness or accident that can put a stop to our career. Total and permanent disablement insurance can help you to preserve your lifestyle, secure your families future and to pay off long term debt.

It may sound morbid but issues you need to consider to provide security to your family can include.

Short term How to support your dependants, fund current lifestyle choices, pay ongoing medical costs and any other immediate unexpected costs.

Long term Reduce or eliminate long term debt, provide ongoing income and pay for childrens education.

Inevitably Pay for funerals and estate administration costs.

You can choose from a flexible and comprehensive range of insurance products

Life cover Provides cover for those with family and financial commitments that could be put at risk in the event of their death. The insurer will pay a lump sum if you die or are diagnosed terminally ill with twelve or less months to live, assisting those left behind.

Medical Insurance provides the back up required to get you the best of medical care and back to work again. Used in association with Best Doctors, you have access to the best medical advice in the world.

Family Protection Should you die, the insurer will pay your beneficiaries a monthly income for a selected period of time.

Living Assurance Helps guard against financial hardship should you be diagnosed with one of a number of specified critical conditions. The lump sum payment is ideal for covering immediate expenses.

Accidental death Ideal for younger people who are active and death by illness is considered unlikely.

Disability income protection Guards your greatest asset – your power to earn by providing a monthly payment if you cannot work because of sickness or injury.

Total Permanent disablement Pays you a lump sum if you are permanently and totally disables through injury or sickness.

Essential Disability income Receive a monthly payment if you are diagnosed with a specified critical condition and you are unable to work as a direct result. NB: these descriptions of benefits are a summary only and you need to refer to actual policy wordings. Terms and exclusions may apply.

Keywords: Insurance, Insurance Services

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