Car, Commercial, Marine Start Batteries

By: Thebatterycellonline  06-Dec-2011

Supercharge Batteries, The Number #1 selling Starting Battery in Australasia!! We showcase them all In Store. Car, Marine, Commercial, Industrial, 4x4, Farm, Lawnmower. The best Prices in Wellington!! IN STORE NOW!! PRICES START FROM $85

High Powered Batteries for Cars + light commercial. EXTREMELY well priced. In Store now. PRICES START FROM $110

A well known Brand AA BATTERIES. In-store, great selection of Starting Batteries for CARS, LIGHT COMMERCIAL, MARINE. PRICES START FROM $134

Crown Starting MARINE Batteries. Extremely high cranking. USA made Quality available in store. PRICES START FROM $180

A small range of Exide's batteries at prices that need to be seen to be believed. For 4 & 6 cyclinder cars only. In store. PRICE IS $95. as soon as stock is sold that will be the ned of the Exide promo.

Italian made Starting batteries for Cars, Commercial and Heavy Commercial. Superior Quality, prefered supplier to BMW. In store now. PRICES START FROM $180

AGM Sealed Vision High Torque, High Discharge Batteries, perfect for Racing and performance requirements, while keeping weight and size to a minimum. In Store now. PRICES START FROM $50
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Includes 14mm bottom spacer Replaces YB12AA YB12AAS YB12AAWS YB12ALA YB12ALA2 YB12AB YB12CA 12N124A 12N12A4A1 12v 15amp 135mm long 80mm wide 161mm or 175mm high 4.4kg. Includes 15mm bottom spacer Replaces YTX12BS YTX14BS YTX14HBS YTX14LBS KMX14BS 12v 14amps 151mm long 87mm wide 130mm or 145mm high 4.4kg. Includes 5mm bottom spacer Replaces YTX9BS YT12ABS YTZ12S YTZ14S 12v 10.5amp 151mm long 87mm wide 105mm or 110mm high 3.3kg.