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The Vet Centre offers a full and diverse range of services for the treatment and health of companion animals. These include:

Pet consultations

The Vet Centre Richmond's experienced veterinarians are available to see your pet seven days a week, by appointment. During your consultation our vet will discuss your pets symptoms and needs, and give a full nose to tail clinical examination.  From this point we can discuss a treatment plan tailored to your pets individual needs.

Regular physical examinations and vaccinations are very important because we can help identify potential problems before they become more serious.

Every day brings something different at The Vet Centre, where we perform a wide variety of surgeries from complex orthopaedic (bone) surgery, to the routine desexing of animals.

We have invested in the latest technology in anaesthetic machines, and our nurses have undergone extensive training to ensure your pet is as safe as possible whilst under anaesthetic.

We pride ourselves on being able to use a combination of conventional and non-conventional medicine when treating pets.  Acupuncture is an ancient art for which two of our vets have completed courses.  We have had some great results with dog acupuncture for arthritis and other painful conditions, and on cats for neurological problems. 


We have an on-site xray machine which we can use to take xrays of all species from birds to horses and farm animals.  This is a valuable diagnostic aid for many conditions, including broken bones, heart conditions and abdominal pain.

We also perform radiography for Hip and Elbow scores for the NZVA scheme.

Blood sample analysis

Our on-site Idexx blood chemistry and haematology machine can give us results within 30 minutes.  This is extremely valuable in critical cases, and can be used to help diagnose kidney and liver disease, infections, anaemia and many other conditions.  We can also run a blood test for Feline Aids and have the results within 5 minutes. 



We have a fantastic ex-hospital ultrasound machine that has many diagnostic uses.  It is commonly used for detecting pregnancy in dogs, and estimating the number of puppies to be expected.  It can also be used later on in the pregnancy to detect if the puppies are stressed and therefore help making the decision whether a caesarean section is required.  It has great value in looking at the abdominal contents, looking for tumours and many other abnormalities such as bladder stones and the presence of fluid in the abdomen.


An endoscope uses fiber-optic equipment to allow us to see inside the body. This is a great tool for checking for foreign bodies in windpipes, and looking at the inside of the stomach and colon without the need for surgery.


We have a microscope in our laboratory that allows us to assess ear swabs, skin scrapings, fine needle aspirates of lumps and bumps, blood slides, faecal and urine samples.  This is a very useful tool in the diagnosis of many conditions, and the development of a treatment plan for your pet.

We run a comprehensive 4 week

that helps you to train your new puppy and give you the tools to ensure your puppy grows into a good canine citizen.  We use these sessions for your puppy to learn to socialise with other pups, and also to help solve any behavioural problems that may have developed.

Nutritional Advice

Our nurses have completed a nutritional advisor course and along with the vets are available to discuss your pets specific nutritional needs, and advise you on the best diet.

Pet supplies

We have a extensive range of pet supplies from flea treatments, worming tablets, athritis supplements, dog leads and collars, pet tags, and a large number of pet toys and treats.  Our staff are very happy to give you advice on the best product for your pet.  We are proud stockists of Iams/Eukanuba & Hills Science Diet pet foods.

We are qualified under New Zealand Biosecurity (MAF Quality Management) to check your animal before travelling overseas and sign the required export certificate to prove that your pet is fit to fly.

Microchipping of newly acquired dogs is required by law in New Zealand. We will microchip your dog and complete the paperwork required for entry onto the National Dog Database.  We also have information on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register which records microchips in any species, not just dogs.  More and more people are microchipping cats, which is a great aid to finding them again if they go missing.  We have even microchipped an expensive parrot!

If you require more information on any of the services listed above, please

or phone

544 5566

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The Vet Centre, Richmond, Nelson New Zealand provides services for all animals

We have invested in the latest technology and staff training, enabling us to offer diagnostic ultrasound, radiology, endoscopy, AO Synthese Compression Bone plating, ophthalmic surgery, puppy training and behaviour problem solving in cats and dogs. The Vet Centre provides a complete range of animal health supplies and veterinary services for all farm and life style animals.



For sick and injured horses we have a portable x-ray machine, endoscope and ultrasound machine to aid us in diagnosing the problem as well as the in-house laboratory to process blood and urine samples. We offer a whole range of routine services from blood samples, equine dentistry and vaccinations to pregnancy scanning and artificial insemination.


Dairy Cattle

Apart from having a large clinical knowledge of the dairy cow requirements and health, John also has studied extensively in Dairy Nutrition, Mastitis and Milk Production. Disease issues are varied and because of our slightly warmer climate we are prone to some diseases more often seen in the North Island. In the Spring issues typically encountered are calving or dystocia problems and injuries associated with calving.


Sheep & Beef

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In the latter years there has been a drop off in the number of deer farmers in Nelson due largely to poor returns and changing land use, but as a veterinary practice we still work with around 40 dedicated deer farmers. The Elk type animal are more prone to some health issues, such as parasites, compared to the hardier Red Deer which are smaller in frame but breed more consistently with on average less health issues.


Alpacas & Llamas

Dr John Mace has attended numerous courses and conferences on alpacas, and Dr Andrew Conway grazed several breeding Alpacas on his property for 2 years for an overseas client. The Vet Centre offers a range of services from nutritional advice, dental and surgical work, TB testing, reproductive advice and assistance and emergency services.



A regular, six-monthly Grey Paws health screening for senior pets allows your vet to detect, treat and hopefully prevent serious health problems before they become life-threatening. Many of these health problems are treatable if diagnosed in time but, unfortunately, many pets don’t see their veterinarian as often as they should.