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By: The Trade Institute  05-Apr-2012
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  • Malcolm Bush Malcolm Bush, who lives in Sydney Australia, has worked in international freight forwarding and logistics since the 1960's, operating in his own businesses. He has travelled widely and regularly, throughout the world in the past 45 years, working with and for hundreds of import and export customers, from the small to medium manufacturer, importer and exporter to the largest multinational corporations. During this time the knowledge and experience gained has been invaluable and it is from this background, that he is able to share with you some of the experiences and the do's and don'ts applying to importing and exporting.

    Malcolm Bush worked from 2002 till 2007, as executive officer of the Air Freight Export Council of NSW and more recently as a freight, international trade and logistics consultant for arrange of SME's, in Australia, the ASEAN Region and UK. He is an occasional speaker at global trade and logistics conferences.

  • Patrick Corrigan Patrick Corrigan AM is looked upon as one of Australia's doyen's in international air and sea freight forwarding and customs brokerage. He is a generous arts benefactor and was honoured in 2007 with the order of Australia Medal for his contribution to the arts, and international freight transport, particularly as a leading airfreight service provider to Australian exporters. In 2004, Patrick Corrigan was made an Export Hero, a rare honour, by the Australian Institute of Export, as a leader in his field, for his service to Australia's growing export industry.

    Mr Corrigan started his career as a customs broker working with JN Campbell, before starting his own customs and freight forwarding business, Corrigans Express, which became the largest export airfreight IATA forwarder, with the international airlines. He sold his business to Mitchell Cotts and joined them as Chief Executive until approached by Panalpina, the large Swiss based freight Forwarder to take over , as Chairman in Australia. He later built up Pace Express, with some business partners which was later sold to AEI and he then purchased VIP Freight, before becoming a partner in Century Freight. After along career in the global movement of freight, Patrick Corrigan has joined UBI Logistics, as their Chairman.

  • Alex Zeljko opened a trading company in Hong Kong in 1979. representing Asian companies as an agent. When China opened up and ecommerce started, John’s business grew at an amazing rate, he now exports Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Indian products all over the world and his company has become one of Asia’s major trading houses.

  • William Tang is a manufacturer’s representative in Shenzhen, China. William operates his entire business through the internet via direct mail with monthly trade offers specialising in small Computer electronics and telecommunications products.

  • Nathan Rice. Is a web designer with a successful internet web development business in Melbourne, Australia. Nathan’s company has achieved success, specialising in web architecture. Nathan consults to The Trade Institute on web designs and site layouts which can be used for member’s websites.

  • Jane Walker Internet Marketing consultant and writer for The Trade Institute. Jane’s role is to teach the importance of internet marketing skills specializing in Google Ad Words marketing and other subjects that relate to all phases ecommerce. Jane focuses on nurturing the marketing skills of people who own internet related businesses by teaching them to develop a marketing strategy to reach out to local and international markets. Jane has a vast knowledge in the world of internet marketing and travels the world lecturing.

  • Joanne Van Damme Ecommerce Expert as internet columnist for numerous publications worldwide Joanne offers up tips on target marketing for specific products and specializes in Ladies and Children’s clothing. Alexis resides with her family in the Netherlands.

  • Howard Jenkins is an ecommerce expert who currently heads up development for a leading Canadian internet marketing corporation which covers the whole of Canada. He is a part-time advisor for The Trade Institute and has a passion for ecommerce technology.

  • Walter Smyth Who created a successful internet development company and is a writer for The Trade Institute, has decided to help others learn how to work with ecommerce so that they can grasp the concept of internet marketing power. Walter has worked in web design and development for the Trade Institute and lives just outside of London, England.

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