The Stick - a self massage tool to ease tight and sore muscles

By: The Stick  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Massage, Flexibility

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The Stick models differ in both firmness and length. When choosing the Stick that's right for you

consider these options. The more flexible the Stick the softer it will feel on your muscles. The firmer

Sticks may also be used softly, which is the best treatment option if you are recovering from injury,

but will later allow a firmer pressure to be exerted, once you are fully recovered. A longer

Stick will make massage of the back, shoulders and other "hard to get at" places, a little easier!

Marathon Stick – a flexible Stick for the lean athlete,those with less muscle mass, more tender,

or just prefer a lighter pressure (ideal for post exercise recovery). The flexible nature of the Marathon

allows for pinpoint targetting of trigger points as the Stick contours to the muscle. The Marathon is a short stick

particularly good for use on the limbs (legs, arms, neck). A great tool for runners,walkers, cyclists and triathletes.

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Sprinter Stick – a firm Stick to provide deeper pressure and are most appropriate for more

muscular physiques, larger individuals, or those who especially enjoy deep pressure. The

Sprinter is also a short stick especially suitable for use on the limbs. Cyclist calf muscles

particularly enjoy massage from the Sprinter

The®Stick Shopping Cart - Product description

Original Body Stick – Our most popular model suited to all body types. Longer than the other Sticks,

it is of medium flexibility so ideally suited to almost all users. The increased length makes it most suitable

for full body use. Its reinforced core provides a penetrating massage that will promote good blood flow

and at the same time can be used for gentle massage of virtually all soft tissue. Popular for serious athletes,

weekend warriors and those who like a full body massage! The best choice for multisporters / triathletes.

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Travel Stick – shorter than the other Sticks, the Travel is the ideal companion tool for athletes

to massage the legs pre and post event. Of medium flexibility it suits all body types and suitable

to quickly and easily treat the limbs. Its more compact size means it is very easy to put

in the gear bag for the trips to events, hiking, the gym or anytime when space is important.

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Footwheel – Relieve tired feet with this innovative tool! The footwheel will search,

find and treat those areas in the foot which may be tight, knotty or tender. Rolling

with the footwheel will stretch & relax the plantar fascia [bottom of the foot] offering

simple and effective relief. Great help for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The®Stick Shopping Cart - Product description

Keywords: Flexibility, Massage