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By: The San Soo Journal  06-Dec-2011
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KFSS Hoody with San Soo Logo on left chest and Chinese Characters for Toy, Li, Haw (Ho), Fut, Hung, and Kung Fu on the right sleeve. You'll feel proud when you wear this professional quality sweatshirt  and T-Shirt proclaiming your dedication to Kung Fu San Soo!   Heavyweight 100% Cotton sweatshirt - Black or Navy Blue  $32.50    They're almost gone - Here's what I have as of Dec. 1st.:  

Blue:  Small (2) / Large (3) / XL (3)  / 2X (2)    Black:  Small (1)    XL(4)     2x (1)

  Predator Training: The Inner Beast of San Soo   (Autographed)  $25.00  

The follow up book to Master Jones' best selling book "Sudden Violence".  This book takes you deeper into the aggressive psychology and lightning-fast techniques of San Soo.  Master Jones helps you recognize and develop the "beast" that resides within everyone, and he reveals how it can be harnessed and channeled into a highly effective force of self defense.   Each book was personally autographed by Master Jones. Paperback 164 pages.  

Kung Fu San Soo Fighting Forms - Book #1   $17.95

The 25 Forms in this book were carefully recorded in detail so they are easy to learn.  Each form is three pages long and is a copy of the handwritten form recorded as it was learned from Master Gatewood.  The author makes no claim to being an artist but the line drawings clearly demonstrate the movement and positioning of the hands, feet, and body.  Each movement details the transitional movement, the hand positions, types of strikes, and foot locations.  When these forms were written many First Generation Masters purchased them them for only $3.00 each - that means you get a $75 value for only $17.95!  

           Kung Fu San Soo: Secret Art of the Fighting Monks   $17.95

Comprehensive coverage of the Art of San Soo.  Topics include the use of the    subconscious mind, kicks, sounds, history, and more.  Includes photos of Grand Master Woo.  Paperback, 131 pages. 

Basic 45 Lessons of Kung Fu San Soo  $17.95

Learn the Basic 45 Lessons the way they were really taught by Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo.  Master Gatewood provides a detailed explanation of each movement in the technique along with "Concepts to Learn" in each lesson.  These are the underlying techniques that will make your San Soo the best it can be.  Paperback, 132 pages. 

Best of the San Soo Journal  $17.95 

This book contains the best articles from the first five issues of the San Soo Journal.   (Volume 1 - Issues 1 through 4, and Volume 2 - Issue 1)  Many pictures of Grand Master Woo and no advertising make this a valuable tool for any martial artist.   Paperback, 132 pages. 

The San Soo Journal Magazine on CD  $49.95

Twenty Issues of the San Soo Journal were published and you can still purchase them!  They are a great source of information for anyone interested in the martial arts.  Complete sets of xerox copies of the Journal are available for only $100 plus shipping - for those magazines that are not in the original format we have made good copies of the entire issue.  

 "All sales final"

(Why? - We've learned the hard way - people ordered books & CD's and then copied them and wanted to send them back for a refund - then we had to dispose of their books because we would never send you a book that we had sent to someone else - 
that's not "new"!   

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Keywords: Art

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