Donation - Exp:resso Store Demo

By: The Robson Group  06-Dec-2011

This product is an example of a donation. Most sites won't accept donations while selling other products, but if this is the case you can just use conditionals to display the product template differently (since you'll know the entry_id of the donation product, or could put it in a category). Remember to set it to have free shipping!

Note: we haven't fully templated our demo store for donations, since we're selling lots of different types of products as examples, but hopefully you get the idea

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Electronics - Exp:resso Store Demo

You can then template this on the frontend using the conditional Or if you're using it outside the tag, you can use, where product_details is the name of your store custom field. With the inventory page in the backend, you can quickly put any number of products on sale. This is more efficient for list-type pages such as this.