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By: The Road Less Travelled  06-Dec-2011

Thank you Andrea, Gabrielle, Jill, Kath, Jose, and Sue for a wonderful time in Wellington,

Andrea … To a beautiful hollywood sense of style and colours in aqua and green, Thank you.

Gabrielle … To having your own sense of exploration leaving no stone unturned, Thank you.

Jill …. To red shoes, good wines and pink hummers, Thank you.

Kath … To  pink ‘kiwi’ cloaks, big cat encounters and groovy boots, Thank you.

Jose … To leathers and design and retro brown jackets. Thank you.

Sue … To pandas and travel and joys of the camera. Thank you.

Thank you also to Noel and Lisa for our back of house Te Papa tour.

For the wealth of Maori knowledge, stories and crafts of ancient artisans from this land of Aotearoa.

Thank you to Zelandia for a world into the unseen elusive kiwi and the passionate knowledge of our two guides.

Thank you to the Wellington Zoo for our tour with Rory, our close encounters and the sharing of things from the animal kingdom.

Thank you to all those through their knowledge, hard work and volunteer services see a future vision that we all will benefit from.

Thank you to all those behind the scenes,and the stage performers who make the World of Wearable Arts an incredible show that every NZer should be proud of.

May we learn from the experiences in the now and in retrospect, for it all exposes us to the ‘different’.

For it is the difference that makes the journey……

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