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By: The Property Shoppe  05-Apr-2012

Lynnette and her team can help!

Lynnette has a wealth of experience both as a property investor, and as a mortgage broker.  Ably assisted by Property Management Technicians - Jo Hippolite and Lisette van Marrewijk, Lynnette believes we have the formula right to custom fit your housing loans, maximize your rental returns, or set you on the path to financial success usng property as a tool.

We property manage, like your house was one of our own

We believe in taking care of people, and taking care of property, and believe the needs of both the owner and the resident can be met in a business-like manner. We have perspective and focus, and will manage your property as if it was one of our own.

Our contracts

Our contracts are designed to give the owner GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.  They reflect the industry standard of charging a percentage of the rent plus fees for inspections, mediation and renewal, however we have split out a marketing levy, which means that if your tenant is stable and staying in your property, then YOU don't have to contribute to our marketing costs!  The marketing fee is only charged to those that require it - when reletting their house.  Ultimate result for you - cheaper management fees for stable tenancies.

No compromise

Our standard is high, we will not work with inferior housing. If your property is in need of deferred maintenance, we require owners undertaking that this will be seen to within a suitable timeframe, before we will take the property on. We offer assistance in deciding what priority to give to such work, and will give you a full report on what needs to be done in order to maximise the properties return.

Want to know where to start with your Property Investment Portfolio?

Lynnette can help.  Charging at $80/hour +gst, Lynnette will look at where you are now, and where you want to be, and help you to join the dots.  First half hour consultation free.

Referral services for the Property Industry

Lynnette has many contacts to help you to get the best from your property.  She has hand-picked an array of consultants to help you with Property Conveyancing, Building Inspections, Valuations,  Mortgages, Insurances and Wealth Education.

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The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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