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North Sumatra

Banyak Islands

The remote area in North Sumatra that is the Banyak Islands has been a closely guarded secret and could be described as one of the last surf frontiers of Indonesia! It is a surfers paradise and sets the scene for any kind of surfer /adventurer, with the safest and best way of getting around being aboard an air-conditioned surf charter vessel.Many of your surf breaks have remained nameless and there is still more exploring going on. There is a huge range of left and right-handers so that your back-hand and fore-hand can both be easily satisfied. There are waves for every surfing style and ability ranging from long deep barrels, fast hollow down the line peelers, perfect peaks to long cruising walls with plenty of time to rip the faces apart.

The Banyak Islands in North Sumatra are located approximately 60 miles off the northwest coast of Sumatra, Indonesia’s northern most and largest Island. There are two main islands in the Banyak Islands- Treasure Island and the island of the Bay Of Plenty harbouring incredible breaks angled perfectly to catch the clean consistent swells of the Indian Ocean.Surfing charters in North Sumatra and particularly the Banyak Islands are less likely to encounter numbers of charter boats unlike the Mentawai’s. No need to feel lonely though, as these islands are exposed to pretty much the same swell as the Mentawai Islands, giving you plenty of surf to keep you busy.

Uncrowded barrels, plenty of waves, untouched natural rainforest, wildlife, epic Sumatran sunsets; remote islands and warm tropical waters await you. You can also go fishing, snorkelling, spearfishing, jungle-trekking-no mass tourism here, just fun and adventure in the comfortable luxury of an air-conditioned motor yacht.

South Sumatra

Sumatra is the second largest island in the Indonesian archipelago and is formed by a long spine of mountains. Most the population live in the foothills, plateaus and highlands. Sumatra is beautiful island with volcanoes, hot springs, lakes and rivers, and wild jungle. The island boasts many reserves that protect the island's wealth of indigenous wildlife, including elephants, tigers, rhinos, orangutans and tapirs.

Just a short flight from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung, then a 5-6 hour car ride through the mountains brings you to South Sumatra, a wave rich area where it’s still possible to surf with only you and a few fellow adventuring surfers in high quality waves.

The main town is Krui but there are surf spots an hour or so either side of the town. There are many waves in the area - lefts, rights and beach breaks. Ideally you need transport if you want to be flexible with the surf. The most consistent and perhaps the best all round wave is Karang Nyimbor, a long left hander that breaks off a reef point to the south.

West Java

West Java & Panaitan Island is one of the best places in Indonesia to find uncrowded, consistent, quality surf…. Panaitan Island has to be one of Indonesia's best kept secrets. The island is part of the Ujung Kulon National Park, located on the south western tip of Java and is literally a wave park full of right and left hand reef breaks.

You will find world class waves such as One Palm Point, a long, fast and hollow left, and Apocalypse, very intense right - as the name suggests!

On the way back, you can sail past the island remains of Mt Krakatau, the site of the largest volcanic explosion in recorded history. The tsunami waves created in 1883 were 120 feet high and over 36,000 people died and 16 villages were destroyed. Eruptions still occur every year, so it is too dangerous to get close. Great sunsets from the mainland though.

South Sumatra

Sitting astride the equator, Sumatra's climate is about as tropical as tropical gets. Daytime temperatures generally reach 30°C on the coast. The dry season runs from May to September. The timing of the wet season is hard to predict, in the south the rains usually start in November, peaking in January/February.

The best time for swell and consistency is May to October, but it is possible to find waves here year round, although the winds can sometimes be detrimental in the off season. Karang Nyimbor is one of the few waves that can handle a south westerly wind no problem.

West Java

West Java has a tropical climate being just located below the equator. Temperatures average around 30'C all year round.The wet season occurs October to March, and as with all tropical climates the humidity at this time can be oppressive . The dry season occurs from April to September, with less humid conditions and sunnier weather. Most rainfall in West Java will occur during the wet season, but downpours are typical and can occur at anytime, usually not lasting too long.

Keywords: Surf, Surf Breaks, Surf Spots

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