Red Air NineFour Inflatable Paddleboard

By: The Paddle Company  06-Dec-2011

check out that nose shape!

Small, fun and lively, the 9'4 is a really neat little wave board, or a really nice all-rounder for the lighter person

The newest addition to the Red Air line-up, this is the baby of the family. With plenty of rocker and a nicely pointed nose, it's totally at home in the surf, but with 30" of width it's still extremely stable in feel. And being so short, it's amazingly stiff and rigid too. If it wasn't for the cushioned ride, and the huge comfort in knowing that if the board hits you it's not going to hurt, you'd hardly know you were on an inflatable. Really, the only thing that separates this from the solid boards is the lack of sharp rails in the tail, which means less grip in hard turns. But you soon learn to compensate for that, and just enjoy the fact that you're on a super-fun machine that you can go for anything on, without paying the price.

Could you use this purely as a surfboard (i.e. no paddle)? Absolutely!! You'll catch pretty much anything on it due to the extra volume, and it's got enough curve in the rocker and plan shape to be great fun for throwing around. And obviously, it's particularly brilliant as a learner board. So with one of these in the car boot you need never miss a session again.

It would also make a very nice cruising board for youngsters and lightweight adults.

We know that for many people, the idea that an inflatable board can offer proper paddleboard performance is incredibly hard to believe, and might seem like a very risky gamble to buy online. So for those buying direct from our website or trademe, who have not had the chance to see the board for themselves at a retailer or test centre , we offer an extra guarantee: If the board does not live up to the promises made here regarding performance and durability, you can return it to us (within 28 days) for a full refund.  That's how confident we are in the product!

Price includes shipping within NZ. If you're outside NZ please contact us and we can advise on your nearest supplier.

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Price: $1299.00 inc GST

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