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By: The Naturopaths  05-Apr-2012

To stay safe when using complementary medicines, our advice is:

  • Avoid websites which make ridiculous statements or claims about natural products, especially with regard to chronic illness or cancer.
  • Avoid websites which purely just sell natural products without giving you good credible and referenced information.
  • I recommend not to buy on price, but to buy on quality, especially for your health. You need less products and you get better results that way.
  • Choose natural medicines which don't interact with your conventional treatments - get professional advice if you take prescribed medicines.
  • Make sure your doctor and naturopath is informed about what you take, just because it is "natural", it doesn't mean it is necessarily "safe".

Are you looking for "budget"?

There are many common misconceptions regarding natural medicines, and one of the biggest misconception is that "if it is a natural product then it must be safe", leaving the consumer believe that it is ok to take up to a dozen different natural products or more at the same time and often because they are well priced.

Our online health store is for discerning customers who are looking for unique, high quality natural medicine information and complementary products to optimise their health and well-being. We believe in taking fewer products, and then only of the highest quality. If you purely want to purchase on price, you will almost certainly find dozens of dietary supplement supermarket websites which stock up to a thousands of product lines or more ranging from the very cheapest right up to the most expensive products. How do you know what you are purchasing is quality when they tell you that they are all are quality products? How do you know you are not consuming therapeutically weak, useless or even potentially harmful substances ? There is still little regulation in our industry, but it is finally tightening up.

When you purchase clothing, furniture, kitchen ware, tools, for example- do you look for "the cheapest" or discounted products? Your local retail or online supplement supermarket will generally oblige as they often have bargain bins complete with bargain advice. It makes sense to make sure that you are not wasting your money, or worse still, compromising your health with your decisions. There will always be a market for budget no doubt - toilet paper maybe, but products to optimise your own health care?

It was never our intention to stock mass marketed retail natural medicines Such mass produced and marketed products are designed with one aim in mind: to make as much profit for their shareholders as possible. Such companies rely on the sheer volume of sales through clever marketing, they continually offer big discounts and are heavily promoted in health food stores as "preferred supplier" products and some are promoted on television. Their starting materials will be cheap, because marketing is expensive, and cheaper products will generally reflect in a less than satisfactory result.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. 

Eric was once approached by a major New Zealand national retailer to help design a small range of dietary supplements for their "home brand". His major brief was to ensure that the price was to be kept under nine dollars for a container of 30 tablets, needless to say, he declined the offer. The "we buy more, you pay less" may be fine for hardware, buy not for dietary supplements on which your health depends. When you pay less you often get less, less quality, less satisfaction and less results. Personally we have always found that the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.
Why we only stock the best. We have been in the natural medicine business for twenty years and our products are sourced only from the most reputable brands, companies which have been in natural medicine business up to 50 years or even more.  The companies we choose manufacture their own products, their products are not manufactured in countries with suspect manufacturing practices nor made from the cheapest raw materials available. Their products are manufactured to the highest possible pharmaceutical grade, according to GMP (good manufacturing processes) and formulated to provide you with safe, effective pharmaceutical drug-free health care in mind. These companies most always work under an ISO 9001 rating, meaning that all their standard operating manufacturing procedures are strictly monitored and routinely reviewed.  

The very best products give you the very best results, they represent outstanding value for money because you need less product to achieve the desired result. They give you results in a safe and highly effective manner, and unlike pharmaceutical drugs, premium nutritional supplements confer very little risk to your health. Our recommended products tick all these boxes and represent the "epitome of natural medicine", that's why highly recommend them to our patients - our very reputation depends on them.

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