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By: The Naturopaths  05-Apr-2012


Cardiovascular health is the leading health concern for adults. We provide "heart smart" formulas to support healthy blood lipid levels, circulatory and blood vessel function, and to support overall heart health. The gastrointestinal (GI) tract does a lot more than digest food. It's also a major contributor to immune health. We offer advanced formulas to address GI function, microbial balance, and immune functio Candida infections are a common cause of many unresolved digestive issues. We specialise in candida yeast infections and can assist with the most effective eradication programs and products.
We offer leading formulas to provide joint relief, support range of motion, as well as bone density support and integrity. We also provide science-based formulas to relieve muscle discomfort, tension, and minor pain. Seasonal changes, stress, and the environment can negatively impact the immune system. We provide a range of formulas to assist immune function, support respiratory health, and relieve discomforts. This category is small currently, but will include in time a complete range of skin, hair and natural organic body products which will develop significantly over time.
An estimated 1 in 4 adults are concerned about neurological health. We have clinically effective formulas to support neurological dynamics associated with cognitive (brain) and emotional health. We have a selection of some of New Zealand's most outstanding natural products. NZ is uniquely positioned to offer you clean, green and organic products unavailable elsewhere. Two out of 3 doctor visits are due to symptoms related to stress. We offer a highly targeted line of formulas for acute tension, chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, and more.
Many of women's challenges are related to hormone levels. Our formulas support various phases of a woman's life: menstruation, reproduction, menopause, and age-related concerns. Our recipes incorporate a range of organic foods we recommend. We can offer you some of these outstanding health-promoting products online. Toxic chemicals are released into the environment each year which can accumulate and impact on health. We provide an advanced line of detoxification support formulas to help you stay healthy.
A good nutritional support program starts with the intake of essential vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids. We offer a variety of foundation "daily use" nutritional formulas to address individual health needs. Children have specific nutritional requirements, and we have formulations and herbal medicines for supporting their healthy growth and development as well as specific immune and digestive health products as well. Men often worry about maintaining energy, libido, and cognitive health. Our products help address common underlying issues with formulas to support stamina, cardiovascular health, hormone balance and prostate health.
 With one third of the population being obese and one half overweight, we can solutions for weight management issues.  Men and women both have urinary concerns. We have formulas to support urinary infections, prostate issues & more. The Naturopaths stock some of the best products to support your body naturally.
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There are many common misconceptions regarding natural medicines, and one of the biggest misconception is that "if it is a natural product then it must be safe", leaving the consumer believe that it is ok to take up to a dozen different natural products or more at the same time and often because they are well priced.


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